Grey's Anatomy recap: Stand Up and Take It

Season 10's winter finale delivers a cliffhanger at April's wedding, haunting flashbacks for raging Shane, and more Meredith-Cristina drama
Ep. 12 | Aired Dec 12, 2013

GET UP, STAND UP Who objects to this blessed union?


Back to the others. Derek schools the Kleiss reps, blowing their minds by telling them to think of the mind as a universe instead of a planet, man. Trippin' Out With McDreamy is a science show I would totally watch on Netflix, like six hours at a time. Just saying. Derek won't just blow their minds and let them be, though. "Your method couldn't map the human sphincter," he informs the guys. Owen would give him a slap on the wrist for that one, but the way Derek explains the sympathetic nervous system clearly resonates with the floundering researchers.

It's patient Dalton's sweet, ultra-familiar interactions with his wife just before surgery -- plus a bit of wisdom from the late Mark Sloan -- that would inspire Jackson to get up, stand up, stand up for his right to love April again during her wedding. During Dalton's surgery, Jackson and Steph gently tease each other about their own shortcomings -- she leaves bras and hair everywhere; he should smile more because it's so beautiful -- and she hints hopefully to him that she thinks Dalton whispered "I love you" in Karen's ear before going under.

"Maybe…" Jackson trails off. "Say it loud and go from there," he says more firmly. "Something Mark Sloan said to me once. If you love somebody, you tell 'em, even if you're scared."

"That's nice," says Steph. Poor Steph. And ugh, poor Karen and Dalton. It's been awhile since Grey's made me cry -- and Karen's resigned shock-laden cheek-petting after learning her husband had suffered a massive stroke truly did me in. The scene made me want to go hug everyone I love, really squeeze their muscles and feel how aliiiiiive they are! Not to be gross or anything.

April and Matthew run into each other in the hospital halls and it's MOMENTARILY TRAGIC, but he smooths things over by cutely assuring her he's glad he saw her like this because she'll look more like this than the glammed-out April (who will probably leave him at the altar!) he'd be seeing later that day. He loves her just as she is right now, Matthew tells helmet-head. She loves him too. She can't wait. Sure. "Oh, don't forget black socks!" she adds. But Matthew's gone. Foreshadowing?

Alex has a change of heart about his dad during surgery on a kid who fell under the tractor he'd been driving. The kid's dad had failed to wait for the ambulance -- a decision which may have turned his son into a paraplegic. But as Alex tells the father, "You were trying to help him. You were just trying to do your best for your kid, okay?"

He returns to his own father, ready to forgive and ultimately forget. "You don't have to be sorry," he tells him. "Like you said, you did your best. And I turned out all right… because you left. Maybe you can fix it with your kid in Florida. Good luck with that." He extends his hand for a firm shake. "Goodbye, Jimmy," Alex says before ripping his hand away first. Is this the last we'll see of Papa Karev? Probably -- read on....

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