Grey's Anatomy recap: Stand Up and Take It

Season 10's winter finale delivers a cliffhanger at April's wedding, haunting flashbacks for raging Shane, and more Meredith-Cristina drama
Ep. 12 | Aired Dec 12, 2013

GET UP, STAND UP Who objects to this blessed union?


Meredith has just wrapped up her dead sheep and is about to resume her glum work on the 3D printer when the press stops by for a photo op. Of course, they want Cristina posing next to Mer's new toy instead. Meredith fumes. This is supposed to be her game! Her hair had much better loose tendrils than Cristina's that day! "Oh, Dr. Yang, that's perfect," says the reporter out to ruin Meredith's life as Cristina grimaces for the camera.

April and Jackson have a relatively tame (for them, sexual tension-wise) interaction in the hospital's hallways, where every bride loves to rev up for her big day. Will Jackson be there? "I totally understand if you're not," she assures him. Well, she should, because she basically told him it would be too difficult for her if he did come, a few episodes ago. "Yes, of course," he says. He's happy to cater to her daily/hourly/minutely whims, from now until the end of time. April's massively relieved. Let the hair-curling continue!

Bailey and Intern Leah's patient is Elliot, who's had a whopping 312 surgeries to repair bronchial tumors that keep growing back. Bailey suggests culturing his cells in a lab in order to customize their growth and find exactly the medicine to stop them. No surgeries ever again. Sounds good to me. The poor kid perks up, probably for the first time in a while. And Leah flips out, because contrary to what viewers may have assumed, this subplot is actually about her. "I'm here NOW!" Leah yells at Bailey outside. "I waited for you to get back into the OR, and enough is enough. I'm being left behind, and I deserve better than this!" Huh? Bailey regards the child in her care that day with her signature "Are you kidding?" facial expression and assures Leah she can perform Elliot's surgery start to finish. So shut up.

Meanwhile, Jackson and Steph's patient, Dalton, has incredibly nasty breath due to food getting caught in his esophagus. Yum. Jackson will be cutting through Dalton's muscle, and he names some of the risks involved in any surgery: stroke, death, damage to nerves. So right away we know something is going to go terribly wrong in this surgery. It's cute how the couple, Dalton and Karen, focus on the possibility that Dalton might lose his vocal chords. He manages to get a lot of things off his chest -- he hates her brother, she looks fat in a certain purple dress (rude!), and most importantly: Karen's got a fine, fine ass.

Derek's getting wooed by the Kleiss company, which seeks to devise a complete map of the human brain -- with his help. The censors he's developed for his BCI work with Callie are the most extensive they've seen. They push over a piece of paper with an obscene amount of money on the other side (just cover the baby's eyes and TAKE IT, pops!), but Derek's not interested.

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