Grey's Anatomy season finale recap: Save the Last Dance

Cristina Yang leaves Seattle for a life in Switzerland, just as a new face shakes things up
Ep. 24 | Aired May 15, 2014

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In the middle of the chaos, Cristina found out that Link, as in Link McNeill of the Heart family, had a match on the transplant list. She was ordering for Link to be sent to her when Owen saw her and realized that she hadn't gone to the hospital. His face lifted as he walked to her, but he lost her in a sea of chaos. And that marked the night's first heartbreak.

But heartbroken wasn't all Owen was. He was also pissed at the local news for spreading rumors about anthrax and radiation. He told a reporter off, then shut his camera off, and continued about his day. Go Owen!

In surgery, Cristina asked Alex if he really wanted to go the private practice route. Turned out she had been paying attention to him all these years, and now she was ready to admit that she'd been wrong about him. He was good. She told him he had good hands, he thinks fast, and he acts faster. Of course, he'd never be as good as her, but he was very, very good. Did he want to put all that talent in a drawer? Spoiler: No he didn't. Another spoiler: He was going to miss Yang. And that moment marked heartbreak number two.

Fairly quickly, they identified the cause of the rashes to be some dry cleaning fluid, and seconds later, it was reported that the explosion hadn't been a bombing. It had been a gas main explosion, and there was no evidence of foul play.

It was good news, but it was good news that sent April into a downward spiral. Catherine found her in a closet crying about how she didn't want to bring a baby into a world where terrorism is our first guess. But Catherine told her a little story about eating out with her father in 1960, and the racists that threw hot coffee on him and tried to ruin their day. She told her daughter-in-law that if you're not afraid, they don't have power. Stupid people and accidents will always exist, but fear is what defeats you. What changes the world is "good people raising their babies right." It was a sweet moment that I enjoyed almost as much as I enjoyed Catherine's crazy up-do.

With only two hours until her flight, Cristina was scrubbing in to do Link's heart transplant surgery, but Meredith told her it was time to go. "Nothing feels finished," Cristina explained. She needed to finish something. "Owen and I split over something that hasn't even happened, and we never even split up, and you and I are not finished." And this is where she really got me: "George is dead, Izzie is gone, and it's supposed to be you and me and Alex, and now nothing is finished. I am not finished." The words  "George is dead," will always get me, but just as a whole, this speech absolutely turned me to mush. What number heartbreak moment are we at now? Screw it, this whole episode is a heartbreak moment.

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