Grey's Anatomy recap: No Mercy in the West

The doctors argue over who exactly is boss -- especially in the case of patient/doctor/father-figure Richard Webber
Ep. 03 | Aired Oct 3, 2013

HANDS WHERE I CAN SEE 'EM Cristina challenges Owen to touch only each other's arms from now on.

Eric McCandless/ABC

Callie spent the episode lashing out at her fellow docs -- because someone had to pay for Arizona cheating on her, and Callie still wasn't speaking to Arizona. She had a smashed clavicle to deal with after April and Leah (who let those two anywhere near an operating table?) attempted to save the life of a woman speared in the chest with a baseball bat -- a woman who'd admitted to Leah before losing consciousness that she had cheated on her husband with her husband's brother.

Callie had no sympathy for the cheating situation, obviously, and was about to force Leah to tell Batwoman's family the truth after the gentle beats of Kendrick Lamar had serenaded her to death. But she had a change of heart at the last minute, interrupting Leah to tell Batman, "She loves you… She told us to tell you that she loves you." Callie looked defeated.

She finally went home to Arizona and said she'd ben wishing Arizona hadn't told her about the cheating, "and that we could go back to our life. Being happy. Except we weren't… happy. At least you weren't." And then she basically told Arizona, screw you, and also go ahead and screw anyone you want, for now. Callie refused to join Nice Haircut, Red Dress for couples therapy.

Stop reading this sentence if you don't want your brain to dissolve, but maybe the Calzone-ugh relationship is like Batwoman's clavicle, which Callie couldn't repair once April had broken it. There just isn't enough "surface area" of good (leg?) bone to save it at this point. I apologize for even attempting to go there.

Oh, and April passed her boards. Yippee! After thanking the real person responsible -- God -- April lurched monstrously towards Jackson (whom she'd asked to open the email) in clear desire of a warm embrace. Too bad you're engaged, suckah! April had to settle for an awkward high five. At least Cristina would approve. The rest of their arms never even touched.

Will Richard survive -- and do you want him to at this point, or should he be gently released from this earthly misery? Do you have to say "Nice haircut"? Would Derek Shepherd's nipples be of any use to you?


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