Grey's Anatomy recap: Trial and Error

Callie endures an unexpected malpractice suit with the help of her father (guest star Hector Elizondo)
Ep. 09 | Aired Nov 14, 2013

Danny Feld/ABC

Doctors, and people, all screw up. "They blow it. They're sorry." But does being sorry really matter? Callie's still not convinced, as the rest of the Grey Sloan posse (except Yang) cheers wildly at the verdict while Callie -- the only one in focus -- pensively stares ahead. Can mistakes be forgiven? Should she accept Arizona back into her life?

Callie's dad (guest star Hector Elizondo) thinks so. He'd stopped by to support his daughter in her trial -- he's been sued so many times -- and convince her she's not pathetic. It's been a rocky road for the very religious Carlos re: Callie's love life. When "that O'Malley kid" cheated on her, he was ready to knock his teeth out! At first, he couldn't accept her homosexuality ("It's an abomination. It's an eternity in hell."), but he eventually came around once he determined Arizona was awesome (and not a vegetarian) and once they got married. Now, he wants to set his daughter on the path to forgiveness. "You chose to break up your family?" he angrily scolded her. "Did you even try to work things out?"

Carlos himself had cheated on Callie's mom, back when he was young and stupid. Callie herself would never have existed if her mom hadn't found it in her heart to believe they were stronger than that one mistake. Things between Callie and Arizona might not work out in the end, that's true, Carlos said. "But how will you know if you never try?"

The episode closed with Callie knocking on Arizona's hotel room door just as her wife was getting it on with that silly Intern Murphy. (Callie didn't see her, or the bra Travis Reed had signed for her way back when… now that would have been nuts.) Ignoring Arizona's sex-flushed cheeks, Callie bravely invited her to come back home.

We also learned Callie and Arizona decided to have a baby -- and then lost it -- post-plane crash, around the time that Meredith was very, very pregnant and had sausages for toes. So back when Arizona said "You didn't lose anything" and we assumed she'd been referring to her leg…. she was probably talking about the baby. And maybe it was her grief over that, combined with pre-existing rage about her leg, that caused her to cheat.

Line of the night goes to Yang: "There's a margarita-decorating station... Limes!" during a flashback to Mer's baby shower. (I like the limes part. Wouldn't turn down a fresh marg, either.)

The episode was certainly… different. Is different good, like at Arby's? What did you think?

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