Grey's Anatomy recap: Trial and Error

Callie endures an unexpected malpractice suit with the help of her father (guest star Hector Elizondo)
Ep. 09 | Aired Nov 14, 2013

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This cooking analogy was what started to sway the jury toward Callie, and good thing, because Travis' paraphrase of Callie's tearful apology to him in the hospital was not doing her any favors. What he said she'd said: "If there's anyone to blame, it's me. This never should have happened. If there was any way I could change things, I would." What Callie actually said, in an effort to get Travis to stop taking his anger and hurt out on Whitney: "You wanna take your crap out on someone, you take it out on me. Blame me. Go on, yell all you want. This should never have happened to you. If there were any way to magically change things, believe me, I would. I wish there was something I could do. I wish I could fix this. I tried so hard. I'm so, so sorry, Travis."

The jury couldn't possibly know the rest of the context, either -- that part of the reason Callie got emotional was because she'd been through the same thing after her wife [JURY WAKES BACK UP: A word they know!] lost her leg. She explained herself very well, eventually dissolving into another concept juries understand: tears. "Of course I was sorry," she choked up, on the stand. "But that makes me human. That does not make me negligent." If they wanna sue her for feeling her feelings, that's their problem. Trials every week for the rest of the series!

While waiting for the verdict, Callie just so happened to finally look behind her bookshelf, where a letter was peeking out. Surprise: It's the data she requested from a clinical trial of the Petersen hip, postmarked three weeks before Travis' surgery. Callie shuddered as she realized Travis' infection wasn't the left-behind sponge's fault after all. The joint itself contains bacteria that caused five other instances of infection. If she'd known this ahead of time, she might not have done the hip surgery at all.

Meredith (oh, hey!) encouraged Callie to just move on with her career. She can't bring the guy's legs back. An "act of God" caused the letter to fall behind the bookshelf. I was incredibly uneasy during all of this. Sure, the hospital doesn't want to go bankrupt and Callie shouldn't have to give up her career just because she doesn't ever clean her house. But how upsetting was this lost piece of mail?! Shouldn't Travis and his family know about it? Every which way you look at it, it's a disaster. Anyway, Callie listened to Mer and threw out that pesky data. The verdict: NOT GUILTY. Works for her. Accidents happen.

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