Grey's Anatomy recap: Bursting Bubbles

Bailey escapes jail, Derek gets the opportunity of a lifetime, and one resident won't be returning to work
Ep. 23 | Aired May 8, 2014

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And speaking of grumpusses -- I have no idea how to use that word -- Amy apologized for biting Meredith's head off earlier. But when Mer brushed it off and told her it was okay, we discovered Amy's real problem: She loves it here. People weren't nearly as sensitive as they were in California. She wanted to stay, which, sadly, meant breaking up with James. This is where I need Private Practice fans to weigh in. James was great, right? I really liked them together. I wanted Amy to stay, but I was hoping she'd bring him with her to the world of rainy days and deathly encounters. Now I'm a little bummed.

Back to Bailey! Braden's parents asked that Stephanie be suspended for one week -- that's it? -- but otherwise, they were dropping all charges. Just like that, Bailey hugged Stephanie and promised her she had an advocate. Nobody was going to fire Stephanie without going through Bailey, which meant nobody was going to fire Stephanie.

In surgery, Richard watched Leah like a hawk, then sat her down. I knew this was it (and was happy about it). He told Leah that while she could be a good doctor, she wasn't a surgeon. Firing her was a kindness rather than a punishment. He offered to make a call and get her into a research lab at the University of Washington. And of course Leah had to get fired to finally do something that made me genuinely like her -- the way she didn't tell the other residents but reassured Shane that he was fine? I thought that was great.

After a long day, Jackson and April both fessed up to telling someone about the baby, which meant she could probably go ahead and send the sonogram to her mom. Unfortunately, those words would not be said by Callie, who told Arizona not to carry their child. Arizona offered, but Callie recognized that things between them were too fragile. She didn't want to put them in a position to be broken. They have a beautiful life, and that can be enough. Right?

Cristina, having met with a number of candidates, assured Owen that the cardio department would be fine. But when he brought up the Harper Avery Foundation trying to mend fences, and a possible large cash infusion to the cardio department, she stopped him. Cristina asked him to please not offer her the job. He didn't. He wanted to, but knew she had to go. Nothing good would come of him asking her to stay...but Owen would ask his ex-wife for something else. Cue epic kiss that only Owen and Cristina could pull off. His kiss literally lifted her out of a chair, people! Then he asked her not to go. "Don't leave me. Just don't go." Oh my God, my heart can't take this!! Update: Some of you are saying he said "Don't leave me UNTIL you go," which only breaks my heart more! Also, I apparently can't hear.

Back at the dream house, Meredith told Derek that Amelia wanted to stay -- which was good, because he wanted his sister to take over his service so that they could move to D.C. Come again? Apparently he'd met with the POTUS and was offered a position with the NIH. If he moved, he could do the actual brain mapping himself. Also, he'd secured Meredith an attending position at James Madison hospital. He thought it should be their next step. But real talk: They can't move, right? This show wouldn't work with all that craziness. Losing Cristina is more than enough change!

What did you all think of the episode? And who is willing to come hold me during Cristina's farewell next week? (Please don't kill her, please don't kill her.)

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