Grey's Anatomy recap: On With the Sexy Circus

The series celebrates its 200th episode with a party no one wants to attend
Ep. 03 | Aired Oct 10, 2013

OH NO Yang is not impressed by airborne acrobats.

Danny Feld/ABC

Cristina gave up the chance for random new-person sex after the gala, while Owen surely capitalized on his. But Cristina's the one who waltzed away with a huge, overflowing-with-zeroes check. Her evil laugh as she flounced away from "Richie Rich, Pretty Hot" was so delicious. I didn't think she looked too depressed as she left Owen to run into the arms of another woman. Sad, but determined. Not regretful, not yet. She's so strong. Ask her, she'll tell you.

Yang re-experienced a taste of her former "rock star intern" status, recognizing Dr. Shane, who'd gone hog wild in taking ownership of procedures beyond his prowess, as one of her shark kin. Yang had to swoop in and correct Shane's mistake on ALEX'S FATHER, but she praised the kid anyway. "You see what you want. Do whatever it takes to get it. Like me," Cristina advised Shane. "And never apologize. Sharks don't apologize."

Infused with the shark blood of the best heart surgeon in the universe, Shane unapologetically kisses Stephanie, his partner in near-crimes for the night. Of course Jackson, Steph's barely-boyfriend, walked in on them. She desperately explained that she wasn't asking for Shane's smash-kiss; what she really wanted was for Jackson to kiss her…and for him to have invited her to the gala. Jackson made a grand speech about improving their communication "if you and I are gonna do this," but there was no (shark) spark in his eyes. He's just not that into her, right?

Didn't mean to save Alex's major story line for last: Dr. Karev recognized one of three unnamed high-as-a-kite patients (Dexter's James Remar) as maybe his drug addict father who bailed on him when he was young. So his publicist for the night, Jo, who is really smart, encouraged him to take a paternity test so he could stop feeling like someone just poured ice water down his neck. Then she jumped the gun on Karev's Luke Skywalker moment, blurting out "He's your dad!" just as Alex begged her not to tell him either way. Agggh! She's so sorry.

That's pretty much it! What did you think of Grey's 200th? Do you like Emma as a potential like-interest for Owen as much as I do? Were there other old-school references I missed?


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