Grey's Anatomy recap: On With the Sexy Circus

The series celebrates its 200th episode with a party no one wants to attend
Ep. 03 | Aired Oct 10, 2013

OH NO Yang is not impressed by airborne acrobats.

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My favorite parts of the episode surprisingly involved April -- the scenes with her and Arizona getting trashed in the supply room were so fun, and such a departure from the relationship doom/drama we've seen from both of those characters lately. I started loving April pretty much right after she took her first sip of alcohol -- go figure. She was so cute protesting, "Dude, come on, you were telling a story!" after Arizona called her out for making the same judgmental face people usually toss her way as a recent cheater/lifelong gay person.

The drunker they got, the more delightful this unlikely pairing became. Who knew that in order to get her spirits up, Arizona would have to go back into the closet?

Best line: "Are we talking about Matthew or Jesus?" wondered Arizona after April finished raving "He accepts me for what I've done. That's everything." So funny. Meanwhile, at the sexy circus, Callie was pulling the "dead wife" card in an effort to charm her way into more donor money. Hey, useless intern Leah, can you get them some more booze?

"AND SNACKS!" --April

Over in more sober lands, Miranda Bailey very happily abstained from frilling herself up for the gala. As the hospital's new owners enjoy reminding her, she is not an owner of the hospital. Besides, someone had to stick around and become the MVP of the 200th episode by rearranging stretchers until Dr. Webber finally changed his mind about the whole wanting-to-die thing.

Webber's new roommate, a racist old cancer patient named Gene, was steadfast against entering an assisted living facility. The ailing former chief had brutally hurled Dr. Bailey -- as well as the breathing device she'd been begging him to use -- against the wall. But faced with a new terror beyond the confines of his negative thinking, Webber was able to snap out of it. Gene could have it worse than a home with freaking bunny rabbits out on the sunny front lawn. "You could die in that bed. This room, this hospital could be the last place you see," said Webber, realizing he should listen to himself: "You don't wanna die here." YAY.

Progress was all around: At the gala, Owen at first awkwardly but then eagerly got his flirt on with Emma Marling (guest star Marguerite Moreau), a doc over at Seattle Pres. who'd hijacked the gala -- and Owen's stories -- to raise her own money. You can't really blame her. All these hospitals need lights! Plus, it's Owen. "Do you want me to say it?" she asked. "Look at you." Whoa! Major self-esteem surge for Owen. Maybe he should take Cristina's "date other people" mandate to heart after all…

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