Gossip Girl recap: School Daze

Masterfully manipulated by Chuck, Serena begins to take her place at the top of the school food chain, while Blair is distracted by the unseemly acts of the lord and duchess
Ep. 04 | Aired Sep 22, 2008

GUESS WHO'S BACK Serena is ready to unleash her inner queen bee, which might not work out so well for Blair

Giovanni Rufino

Major question: How does Serena get away with wearing a tee-shirt and loose tie while the fellas have to wear the full jacket and tie getup? I know she's purdy but that doesn't seem fair. But I'll give the girl a break since she had such trouble accepting that Dan moved on before her. Love the fact that this entire breakup is bringing out Diva Serena. I'm ready for her to go full-court Heather Locklear from Melrose Place. How hot did she look in what I believe was a Herve Leger bandeau dress on her "date" with Dan and Amanda? How could Dan even pay attention to Ms. Sad Bangs? Serena's flirty little looks at the lacrosse player were perfection. My favorite line came when Serena described Dan to the jock: "Dan's not a big sports guy. He likes poets. And letters to poets."

Dan has kinda become a big wet mop. For a guy who hates cliques and gossip, he's been awfully judgmental. And I need for him to stop wearing vests everywhere. I love a vest as much as the next guy (especially sweater vests! I love a sweater vest like Vanessa likes a medium Colombian breakfast blend) but it's starting to get a little out of hand.

Um, I already hate Amanda. She didn't even have to speak, but her little Jenny Lewis-esque doe eyes and sad bangs said it all: She was going to be the too-cute-for-words rebound girl for Dan. As Blair put it, "This girl is Dan with boobs." Gag me. At least she didn't seem to last for long. Was that Nair that Penelope threw in Amanda's hair? I couldn't really tell because I was too distracted by Chuck's shiny purple suit. And then it turned out Amanda's actually in cahoots with Mr. Bass? It was too many twists for one episode. I can only take so many double crosses and red jeans in one hour. It did, however, set in motion what looks to be a most excellent story line: Blair vs. Serena. This story line has the potential to be the Upper East Side's own Wrestlemania but with even better makeup and tights!

The most genius scene was the final one, in which Dan was pretty much ignored by everyone in the courtyard, while Serena (in slo-mo of course), sauntered over to him and basically stared in disgust, while her minions trailed behind her. It made me giggle with glee.

What did you think of Gossip Girl? Will Serena ever take Dan back? Will Jenny ever go back to school?

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