Gossip Girl recap: Going Dark

Blair and Chuck reconnect when the lights go out during her party, but it seems like it's time for Serena and Dan to say goodbye
Ep. 03 | Aired Sep 15, 2008

UP, CHUCK The dapper Don Juan had a little problem that only Blair could help him fix

Giovanni Rufino

And Vanessa finally got something more exciting to do than make a vanilla latte (although she did still have to haul in some delivery boxes to the café. Time to hire another barista!). She discovered what Nate was doing all those times he flaked on her. Or to put it more literally: She discovered whom he was doing. ("I didn't sign up for some creepy love triangle with you and someone's mom!") Love it. I only wish she would have thrown down a little more with Catherine. Their tame meeting left me cold. Isn't Vanessa supposed to be all edgy and streetwise since she's from Brooklyn? With all those horrible accessories, you'd think she could carry around a pair of brass knuckles. It was sweet of her to dump Nate in order to keep Catherine from revealing where his father is, but I have a feeling this information will come out sooner or later. Also, Nate needs to cut the conversation when he's doing the deed. That seems to be the moral of this story.

While Catherine and Vanessa didn't bare claws, Catherine and Blair had one of my favorite interactions of the night when the cougar asked Blair if she had seen Nate, to which Blair retorted, "Um, no. It's a blackout." Then they really got into it, with Blair slicing into the Duchess. "Hot young guy. Aging beauty enjoying her last hurrah before the surgeries start. It's called a cliché." But then we got a better picture of why Catherine even started the affair with Nate: He makes her feel alive. It's something Blair can relate to. No matter how much she wants to love Marcus, he'll never make her feel passion the way she did when she was with Chuck. Exhibit A: her little blackout make-out session with Mr. Bass at her party. I found it amusing that Ed Westwick got to use his actual British accent in that scene.

Meanwhile, Serena and Dan stumbled upon the hoariest of clichés, the stuck elevator. But it actually produced some interesting tension between the two, particularly their class differences. I'm just thankful they didn't add a pregnant woman, about to go into labor, into the mix. Still, it looks like we've seen the last of this pairing for a while. The elevator break-up, I have to admit, was pretty touching, especially Serena's "I love you" after the doors had shut.

Jenny and Eleanor at least had a nice time during the blackout with the two connecting over fashion design. They were actually really fun together. I hope there are more scenes between the two and more of Colin, who is just fantastic. Word that the GG producers had cast Wallace Shawn as Cyrus Rose, who in the books becomes a love interest for Eleanor, is a good sign.

And...Rufus is dating! And getting sandwiches...while on his dates! And he seems to gravitate toward the younger ladies. Or maybe the younger gals just love the elder Humphrey.

What did you think of last night's Gossip Girl? Will Dan and Serena ever get back together? Can Nate escape Catherine's clutches?

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