Gossip Girl recap: One Enchanted Evening

The Snowflake Ball brings Vanessa both humiliation and joy, and while Blair-Chuck and Serena-Dan find a middle ground, Lily gets shocking news
Ep. 12 | Aired Dec 1, 2008

MINI-ME Both Blair and Chuck took exception to the cheap knockoffs of themselves that were trotted out as dates to the ball

Giovanni Rufino/The CW

I can't believe that Blair would wager her beloved Dorota in a bet with Chuck ("What are you staring at? Go polish something"). But it is a nice sign that my favorite TV servant is becoming a bigger pawn in this game. Now, Dorota's on Facebook! I love it! Perhaps Dorota's exploration of Facebook will lead to some story lines for her newly announced webisode spin-offs? Back to the Chuck and Blair bet, the two challenged each other to find their respective dates and, quite humorously, produced two doppelgängers, complete with shiny clothing and headbands. While bizarro Chuck and Blair found love or at least lust, the real McCoy's had to settle for a classy — albeit still hot — slow dance. Can't these crazy kids work things out! Still, there wasn't enough Chuck and Blair in this episode. I need less focus on Aaron and, by that, I mean I'd like the camera to be completely out of focus when they film him.

Remember how The OC's Kirsten always organized like every single party in Newport? Lily is totes the Kirsten of Gossip Girl. I wonder how Rufus can just cut out of work and help out, though. Doesn't someone have to run that gallery? Clearly Vanessa's not there now that's she's taking the Nate train to ho-ville. That was a nice moment though between Lily and Rufus at the dance when she told him she was leaving Bart and asked for a dance. Those two are my favorite current GG couple. Even better was their heart-to-heart when Rufus told her he regretted letting her go on her wedding day. Can't these crazy kids work things out!

Well...actually....It looks like they might be able to, now that Bart has been in an accident, a.k.a. peace out, scary dude. If scenes from next week are any indication, we've seen the last of the elder Bass. But it looks like the best is still to come with Chuck learning Lily's secret and selling it to the highest bidder.

All in all, it was hardly my favorite GG episode. It actually kinda bored me. Solution? More Chuck and Blair! More Chuck and Blair! (Chant with me TV Watchers!) More Chuck and Blair!

What did you think of last night's Gossip Girl? What is Lily's secret? Do you think Nate and Vanessa are meant to be?

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