The Good Wife recap: The Merger Games

In the wake of Will's death, Diane and David engage in a power struggle while Alicia questions her future
Ep. 17 | Aired Apr 13, 2014


In court, Alicia was clever and brought the husband's leading non-materialist rival in to sit and watch his testimony. He couldn't betray his beliefs on the stand that way. I'll be honest: I'm not sure I'm smart enough to follow this scene. It came down to the man believing that his child is nothing more than a product of his atoms -- so when someone dies, there's nothing left of him or her. (Now Diane saw what Alicia was really angry about -- Will is gone.) The man said that's why he'll cherish every moment with his son -- hold him, love him, and teach him. But to what end, Alicia asked. Alicia's panic attack outside the courthouse was interrupted by that young woman/performance artist Grace used to know. Alicia sat there on that bench and admitted she thinks she made a mistake becoming a lawyer. She wished she knew what else she wanted to do. Definitely not dance with that girl, however. Alicia went home and crawled under the covers.

No one could reach her. Not Diane, who wanted to know if they were still talking merger, and not Finn, who was back in his boss's office. Finn handled it well himself: He'd found emails between Jimmy and him talking about the professor. Jimmy said he'd have to go back through his files. He said he wants to make the State's Attorney's office fair, and if he doesn't get elected, that won't happen. He might need Finn at some point (to throw himself under the bus).

Kalinda had worked her magic and told Damian that Diane had just offered the rival "import/export" family from his old neighborhood a discount to come onboard as a client, which meant he had about 18 hours until the family he's tied with heard the news. Goodbye, Damian, you're leaving the firm. Well done, Kalinda, you fought hard for Diane because it's what Will would have wanted. But you did totally deserve that slap Jenna later gave you in public.

Alicia was still sick in bed and watching that fake AMC show, which was now talking about black hats and white hats (and striped hats). The two Carys took the meeting at Lockhart Gardner, and Diane accepted their settlement offer -- which sounded pretty much like where we'd started. After getting the nod from Kalinda that Damian was gone, Diane informed David that he'd lost a vote. David told her she'd hurt herself trying to be Will. "Well then, fasten your seat belts. We're heading for a lot of hurt." I love badass Diane, but she does need another powerful ally. Kalinda can't vote.

Finn came to see Alicia at her home, and she managed to sit up in bed. She was supposed to have been at his meeting, but he wasn't upset about that. He just wanted to know if he needed to hire another lawyer. He figured out that Will really mattered to her. With him, she could admit it. He told her that he and his wife had lost a child in a miscarriage and he knows you just can't shake this off. He said if there was anything he could do to let him know, and she knew he actually meant it. Of course, I'm a horrible person who's wondering if Finn is still married or divorced. I can't recall if it was mentioned in a previous episode. His left hand was bandaged so I couldn't do a ring check. In summary, I'm a fan of this character and am glad he'll be sticking around.

Finn ran into Peter on his way out of Alicia's bedroom. Peter liked him well enough, but you had to think Finn was the one on Peter's mind when Peter eventually asked Alicia if she wanted to sleep with someone else. Alicia had missed the founders dinner and Peter was not having it. She said she was handling Will's death the best she could. "Oh, well, if this is your best, then I think we need to talk," Peter said. I gasped. Throw the glass of water in his smug face. She really should have. He told her she'd lost a friend -- not a child, not her husband. "I lost my husband a long time ago," she said. And here's where it started. He told her she couldn't go back there. She said it's not going back if she's still living it every day. "How many times do I have to tell you, when I cheated, it didn't mean anything?" he yelled. Why do men believe that makes a difference? "Well then, that was a waste. Because when I cheated, it did," Alicia shouted back. Now I was cheering, internally -- I didn't want to miss a second of this dialogue. Peter said he couldn't compete with a dead man, but she was fooling herself if she thought her life would have been better with Will, who may or may not have cared for her. She called Peter a bastard, and he called her a self bitch. But still, they're all that each other has, Peter said.

"No, not anymore," Alicia responded. She wasn't going to divorce him -- they're too valuable professionally to each other -- but they're going to stop seeing each other unless they have to. If he wants her to attend an event, he should call her secretary and have it put on her calendar. He is free to see and sleep with whomever he wants, as long as she and the kids don't know about it. (So presumably they haven't been overhearing this loud fight in the kitchen?)

"Is this because you want to sleep with someone else?" Peter asked. What an a--hole. Does he honestly believe she's thinking about being with someone else when she's grieving Will? She told him to get out of her house and stormed back into her room before he even had a chance to move.

Meanwhile, David Lee phoned Louis Canning (Michael J. Fox) to ask him what he thought about merging. (Can we get Patti Nyholm on the show now that Raising Hope is off the air and Martha Plimpton might be available?)

Your turn. What did you think of the episode? Are you excited for the return of Louis Canning? Are you both excited and a little disappointed that Alicia is essentially going back to her post-scandal arrangement with Peter? It makes sense: Her firm is struggling, she needs to capitalize on her relationship with the governor to get clients. But how does she think they'll keep their open marriage a secret from the press? Is this her making up her own random morality? Go!

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