The Good Wife recap: The Merger Games

In the wake of Will's death, Diane and David engage in a power struggle while Alicia questions her future
Ep. 17 | Aired Apr 13, 2014


Diane asked Kalinda to go to Will's apartment and bring back his work things. His family had boxed them up, and she needs to figure out how many commitments they made in New York and LA. Before Kalinda left, she told Diane she'd overheard David and Damian talking about removing her as managing partner. Without Will, they feel she's unprotected. All Diane could do was laugh at this point. Let them come for her. It will never end. She's tired of fighting. Lucky for her, Kalinda wasn't. I almost teared up when Kalinda said she'd see what she could do for Diane.

After we watched Alicia and David Lee duke it out in court, we returned to see Kalinda going through the box of Will's work things at the office. She found a file labeled Mergers & Acquisitions (how helpful, Will!), but she continued looking through his belongings. She spotted a photo of Will... that turned out to be one of him with her. She took that for herself and left the adorable toddler pictures of a very blond Josh Charles.

Alicia went to see Finn to warn him that the State's Attorney, Jimmy Castro, had an election coming up so he could be looking for a scapegoat. Finn said not to worry: He was the best man at Jimmy's wedding, so he can trust him. Somehow that's not the impression we got when Alicia ran into Jimmy on her way out. And speaking of snakes, after the judge ruled that the nanny cam footage was not admissible, David Lee suddenly petitioned for his client to get full custody due to child endangerment. The judge had to watch the footage then, and we saw the couple's son walk in on the wife in bed with the other man. Diane made an appearance in court just as Alicia was leaving. Alicia breezed past Diane saying it's always nice to see how Lockhart Gardner operates. Another point to David.

Kalinda showed up at Cary's place, and we thought we were getting a hot sex scene as she backed him into his bedroom and down onto the floor. Instead, when she took off his belt, she thought of Jeffrey Grant and Will. (Cary does look a bit like Jeffrey when you think about it.) Kalinda left without explaining.

Back to court: Alicia cross-examined the husband and attempted to prove that he'll suck as a full-time parent because he's a materialist who believes in the illusion of free will. Alicia sounded so angry, I'm surprised the judge didn't tell her to take it down a notch. Meanwhile, what Alicia had told Finn would happen did: His boss casually asked him details about the Jeffrey Grant case -- when Finn, not "we," dropped the professor as a suspect. He asked him to put together a timeline. Finn told his assistant to reach Alicia. Kalinda's next stop was seducing her old friend Jenna. Considering Kalinda was still seeing Will-related visions, Jenna definitely had her work cut out for her. No wonder she was later exhausted enough to sleep through Kalinda searching her files.

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