Glee recap: Gimme More

It's Britney Spears all hour while Brittany has a breakdown and Rachel gets closer to Brody
Ep. 02 | Aired Sep 20, 2012

It's Sexy Rachel, B*TCH New guy Brody shows Rachel how to embrace her sultry side. 

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Mr. Schuster freaked (he was so disproportionately upset about lip-synching than anything else those kids have ever done!) and then Brittany resigned from Glee club. She had a sweet heart-to-heart with Sam in the auditorium, where he told her that she was intentionally trying to hit rock bottom. Brittany agreed, saying that it was so she “could have a glorious comeback, like Britney.” Sam promised her that they’ll remain friends and he’ll stick up for her, like Santana would have if she were there. Brittany informed him that she planned to get back on the Cheerios. Sue and Brittany then have a talk where Sue told her she wanted her to graduate by the end of the year and Brittany promised she would -- helped by weekly tutoring sessions with Schu and Emma. Remember: Glenn Close is not George Washington.

Meanwhile, in NYC, Rachel and Kurt moved into their new HUGE Bushwick apartment (For the non-New Yorkers, it’s in Brooklyn) and proceed to bike around (Because they can?) and have a charming convo where Rachel asked about Finn a lot and Kurt kindly didn't tell her to shut up. Rachel complained about Cassandra some more, because she’s still making her life miserable. Kurt perks up and informed her that Cassandra once had a promising career, but she had a meltdown onstage -- not unlike Patti Lupone’s epic freakout -- and now she’ll never work again. As it always happens when you hear anything awful about someone you hate, Rachel was instantly cheered up.

Unfortunately, Rachel still had dance class problems. With Cassandra deciding she wasn’t sexy and being short one guy in class, Cassandra made Rachel sit out learning to tango, which is a problem if she ever wants to star in Evita. Which she most certainly does. She got bold and creative, however, and asked new, casual “Just Friends” hot pal Brody if he would be her dance partner. Would you believe he was into it?

This lead to a sizzling, albeit red-leather-bodysuitless, version of “Oops...” for Cassandra. She may not have been impressed, but I think viewers definitely were. Unfortunately, Cassandra told her she wasn’t that good and Rachel snapped and said what all the Real Housewives do when they feel attacked: You’re just jealous. “We’re the future, and you’re just some YouTube joke,” she declared. Well, you can’t talk to people like that, and Cassandra told her she was done.

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