Glee recap: Bros Helping Bros

A ton of surprising hookups happen, Will and Emma’s wedding does not. Plus: Rachel is [spoiler alert!]
Ep. 14 | Aired Feb 14, 2013

JUST CAN'T GET ENOUGH of these two singing duets together.

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Also grabbing a hotel room? Artie and Emma’s niece (Glee Project 2 runner up Ali Stroker)  and – almost – Jake and Marley. Jake spent the hour giving Marley sweet Valentine’s Day gifts thought up by Ryder, who is definitely still 100% in love with Marley. Marley seemed to enjoy all the attention Jake was giving her, but at the end of the episode – after Marley told Jake she wasn’t ready to have sex with him – we discovered that Marley knew Ryder was helping Jake out with the presents. She thanked him, which was sweet, but then Ryder got a ton bolder and gave her a quick kiss on the lips. Everybody Loves Marley! He apologized, but she seemed uncomfortable and left. Something tells me Jake and Ryder’s friendship may have run its course.

Back to the moment of the hour: After Finn and Rachel hooked up, Rachel headed back to New York and a Valentine's-themed decorated apartment courtesy of Brody. The two talked and Brody asked her if she’d seen Finn. She said that Finn was “fine,” and Brody thanked her for being honest. She asked him what he’d been up to, and he told her nothing. But we saw a flashback that had him walking out of a hotel room counting a wad of cash. Which can only mean bad things for our favorite NYADA upperclassman. Brody is a prostitute. Or a drug dealer. Or maybe he just does private musical theater shows and then lies about it? There are really no good options here.

Which is bad news for Rachel because she is probably carrying his child. The ending was a bit vague timeline-wise because the show’s final moments involved the McKinley kids singing “Anything Could Happen” (timely!) for Finn and Schu, while back in New York Rachel flipped through a calendar and realized she might be pregnant. The final moment had Rachel sitting in the bathroom alone taking a pregnancy test, and then looking at the result with an emotion that was pretty far from joy. So it’s looking like she’s pregnant, either with Brody’s kid if no time has passed (likely), or possibly Finn’s if a few weeks might have gone by. Either way, if she is pregnant, this is not exactly the ideal situation for a Broadway-bound NYADA student.

That said, I can’t wait to see how this all plays out. Right now, my guess is that she is pregnant and it's Brody’s kid, but that she’s going to soon find out he’s not that great of a guy, break up with him and then…who knows? Will Finn come to New York to help her through it all? Will is back running the Glee club, so perhaps now is the time for Finn to make a change. The preview for the next new episode (which, sadly, is a few weeks away) show Rachel crying to Santana, who apparently is still living with her. Hopefully Santana and Kurt can help Rachel formulate a game plan. Small upside: You know we're going to get some great power ballads out of this.

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