Glee recap: Bros Helping Bros

A ton of surprising hookups happen, Will and Emma’s wedding does not. Plus: Rachel is [spoiler alert!]
Ep. 14 | Aired Feb 14, 2013

JUST CAN'T GET ENOUGH of these two singing duets together.

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I also enjoyed that Kurt finally shut down the Tina crazy train. He was direct at the reception: “You’re all hagged out. You’re in love with Blaine and it’s creepy. STOP.” When Tina admitted to rubbing vaporizing cream on Blaine’s chest while Blaine was asleep, Kurt was just the right amount of creeped out, which was to say, a ton. “Did you vapor-rape my ex-boyfriend? Don’t walk away from me, Tina Cohen-Chang!” But afterwards, at school, Tina apologized to them both, and they both kindly let it go, after Blaine stressed to her once again that it was never going to happen between them. Kurt invited Tina to join them for a movie, and the three friends headed off on a new chapter together -- a chapter that hopefully involves Kurt and Blaine giving it another shot.

Also figuring out a new chapter? Finn and Rachel. Tons of fans are pulling for those two crazy kids and it was easy to see why last night. Early in the episode, Finn confessed to Rachel about the Emma kiss, and she was supportive about not saying anything and just being there for Emma and Will. After the non-wedding, Rachel caught the bouquet, and Finn and Rachel had a lovely  -- and kind of sexy, right? – heart-to-heart where Finn gave a sweet speech: “You’re my girlfriend. We are end game. You know that and I know that.” Regardless of what "label-free, mature conversation-having, Sex and the City-esque" thing Rachel had going on with Brody, Finn didn’t care. You could tell Rachel was totally into his proclamation, and also that at least part of her realized it was completely true. Cut to the two of them heading up to a hotel room and Rachel taking off her dress.

But even Klaine and Finchel briefly getting together weren’t the only relationship bombshells happening at that wedding. It seemed like all of McKinley celebrated a post-high school tradition as old as time. They looked at their former paramours and thought, “Eh. Might as well,” and booked it to the nearest bedroom, which, happily for them, was right upstairs. I would have believed that maybe Finn and Rachel and Kurt and Blaine would hook up again, but Quinn and Santana did as well. Say what? It may not have seemed possible prior to this episode, but Santana was getting handsy pretty much the moment the two sat down in the pews. Quinn told Santana – and viewers – this was a one (or two!) time thing for her, but who knows? To paraphrase Emma, these kids are so incestuous, I can't keep up.

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