Glee recap: Glee-nam Style

Quinn, Mercedes, Puck and more return to Lima for Thanksgiving. Plus: Sectionals!
Ep. 08 | Aired Nov 29, 2012

REUNITED AND IT FEELS SO GOOD but let's not push it.  

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Musical Numbers:

"Come See About Me" (Original by The Supremes): The Unholy Trinity returns. It was nice to see Quinn back in a number, and it was so well-done for something that was just thrown together. B+

"Gangnam Style" (Psy): No. Nope. Nada. Not a chance. Just a few of my reactions when I heard that Glee was doing Gangnam Style. The dancing was certainly well-done, but I just can't encourage this. Why on Earth was this chosen instead of "Some Nights" from last week? F

"Homeward Bound/Home" (Simon & Garfunkel; Phillip Phillips): Aww, the whole gang (mostly) all back together. As I've said, I'm a sucker for an auditorium number -- even when the seats are empty. B

"Let’s Have a Kiki/Turkey Lurkey Time" (Scissor Sisters/ Promises, Promises): I have no idea what grade to give this. An A? An F? It was 100% ridiculous, but it also looked like the most fun a lot of them have had in a musical number in quite some time. The choreographed dancing -- and Rachel's ridiculous turkey tail move -- was a silly treat, and despite not wanting to, I was smiling throughout so...B+

"Whistle" (Flo Rida): Ok. I realize I’m late to the party here, because I can only vaguely recall hearing this song before (even though I understand that it was popular). Are these lyrics for real? And in what world is this OK to sing at high school choir competition? That said, the harmonies sounded great, and yes, those guys dancing was quite charming. B

"Live While We’re Young" (One Direction): The second of The Warblers' two songs, and the better one. Obviously a song originally written for a teen boy band was going to play great as an a cappella all-male ode to high school times. One of your best, Sebastian. A-

Top Lines:

“You could be looking at the future President of the United States.” “I don’t know about that.” –Finn and Artie

"Hand jive that looked like a hand jo … " -Santana, in the line of the episode for me.

“Even though we don’t have our boyfriends, we still have our dreams.” –Rachel

“Gets so turned on by teen moms who barely visit their kid.” –Santana to Quinn about Quinn’s married boyfriend. This line also led Quinn to slap Santana in the face.

"I wore a condom so I didn't make any apple fritters." -Ryder. He's funny too, ladies!

"When you two are done using that turkey as a courtship device, can you put it in the oven?" -Kurt

‘Are you dancing or impersonating a horny epileptic.” –Jake to Ryder

"Don’t let any of those hideous Warblers win. Break a leg.” -Kurt. Awww.

"Les Misérables or The Hobbit?" -Kurt. OMG. Les Mis. The answer to any question is always Les Mis. Has Kurt even SEEN this behind-the-scenes video? 26 Days More.

What did you think of sectionals? Did you see Marley’s meltdown coming? Excited for a possible Klaine reconciliation? How are you feeling about Brody? Happy to see Quinn again? Did you like "Gangnam Style" more than I did? Will the Glee club get disqualified? Find out next week (but leave your predictions in the comments!)

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