Glee recap: Glee-nam Style

Quinn, Mercedes, Puck and more return to Lima for Thanksgiving. Plus: Sectionals!
Ep. 08 | Aired Nov 29, 2012

REUNITED AND IT FEELS SO GOOD but let's not push it.  

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At the same time, Kurt – midway through the most over-the-top Thanksgiving of all time – decided to finally call Blaine, who was currently backstage at sectionals. The two had a very sweet heart-to-heart that I may have teared up at, but only because both Kurt and Blaine started it by tearing up first. Blaine apologized, again. And Kurt said that he really missed him, because “I can't stand not talking to you. Even though I’m mad at you, you’re still my best friend.” Then Kurt offered an olive branch and said that over winter break, the two of them needed to meet up and have a mature discussion about their relationship. “I love you so much, Kurt,” Blaine said. “I love you too,” Kurt replied. Reconciliation on the horizons? Possibly.

During the time of this phone call, Marley rallied, and in front of an audience that included Sue, Sue’s baby, Emma, and Will "I Wish I Could Quit You, Glee Club" Schuster, the Glee kids performed the viral smash "Gangnam Style." Now, I was quite proud of the fact that I’d never heard that song all the way through. But last night, I watched in abject horror the full performance as Tina (Because she’s Asian? Is that what it takes for her to get a solo?) sang the Korean song. I feel like this performance was just a tad offensive? And that was before Marley fainted prior to completing their number, because that’s what happens when you don’t eat and make yourself get sick constantly. Watching this unfold, however, I’m a bit excited. In the “scenes from next week” it seems like New Directions could get disqualified: Does that mean it’s possible Marley’s secret will come out and Kitty will get kicked out of the club? Again, no offense to the actress, but I really hope so.

Other lingering thoughts:

-I'm going to say something really controversial here: Mike is a great dancer.

-I’m obsessed with how much Kurt was not having it with Rachel/Brody, especially them getting all handsy with the turkey.

-Quinn is dating a married older guy? Of course she is. WWQFD is not a way to live your life, kids. Santana and Quinn's catch-up got really violent, really fast, didn't it? No love lost between those two members of the Unholy Trinity.

-I liked Ryder and Jake’s budding bromance. It’s much more interesting than the two of them just hating each other and fighting over Marley.

NEXT: Musical grades and top lines!

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