Glee recap: Glee-nam Style

Quinn, Mercedes, Puck and more return to Lima for Thanksgiving. Plus: Sectionals!
Ep. 08 | Aired Nov 29, 2012

REUNITED AND IT FEELS SO GOOD but let's not push it.  

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Kurt invited his much-older Vogue boss, Carrie Bradshaw. Parker was SO Bradshaw this episode, wasn’t she? From the outfits to the gabbing on the phone to the tough love girl talk about Blaine, I kept expecting her to whip out a laptop and “Couldn’t help but wonder" all over Kurt and Rachel’s Bushwick apartment. She didn’t do that, but she did invite a whole bunch of her fabulous friends to crash Brody and Rachel's Sexy Thanksgiving Flirt Party, and then proceeded to lead the whole gang in a version of “Let's Have A Kiki/Turkey Lurkey Time,” which I would love to say was the most ridiculous moment of the hour, but that honor belongs to Tina singing Psy.

Don’t worry. We’ll get to the gang performing “Gangnam Style” at Sectionals in just a minute. I need to talk about the other groups first. The random third ensemble at Sectionals was once again random, and per usual, The Warblers – not featuring Blaine, but featuring Sebastian as well as new guy Hunter – sang both “Whistle” and “Live While We’re Young,” and were their cute, well-choreographed (and well-dressed!) selves. Their flawless performance left Marley even more nervous, and she confessed to Jake that she was sweating and shaking. Ryder overheard, and told Jake to take the dance solo because everyone needs to be performing at their best. Earlier, Jake let the less-talented Ryder have the solo because he didn’t want to take everything from him, and he’d already “taken” Marley. What a guy!

Kitty planted a seed to Quinn that Marley was so outwardly nervous -- and was it just me, or did she honestly look really skinny this episode? -- because Jake wanted to have sex with her and that would distract her focus from Sectionals. Quinn, who had some experience with fooling around with a Puckerman, tried to shut that down, but missed the real issue: Marley was taking laxatives, and – in a move that was obvious to anyone who’s seen a Lifetime or ABC Family movie before – was going to pass out during her performance. Spoiler alert: She did.

NEXT: Kurt and Blaine finally talk, and Glee goes "Gangnam Style"

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