Glee season finale recap: All or Nothing

Rachel goes to her Broadway callback, Blaine flirts with proposing, and McKinley competes at Regionals. Plus: a wedding!
Ep. 22 | Aired May 9, 2013

IF HE LIKES IT Blaine will probably try to put a ring on it. 

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Musical Grades:

"All or Nothing" (Original by GLEE): Marley's original song made its debut and felt right at home among their other choices. Marley sounded lovely and while I didn't love the tune as much as say, "Loser Like Me," it's still a nice treat when the show does original songs. And the tune helped them win Regionals, so what do I know? B+

"Charity" (Original by Zedd): Another of HoosierDaddies' Regionals numbers. This fun spin on the tune was one of the more catchy moments of the night. B

"Hall of Fame" (Original by The Script feat. The first of three songs McKinley performs, and my personal high point of their performance. It was a nice showcase for the group's various talents -- and I wanted to get up and dance, which is seemingly encouraged. A-

"I Love It" (Original by Icona Pop): The girls of McKinley take over this song for part of their Regionals performance. The energy was fantastic and this was definitely a high point of their winning performance. B+

"To Love You More" (Original by Celine Dion): Hello, showstopper. Even by Rachel Berry's personal high standards on the show, this was a slam dunk. She left the judges speechless with her soaring voice that may have just landed her her dream come true. Worth noting: Lea Michele just announced on Twitter that this was one of her dream songs to sing. A

"Wings" (Original by Little Mix): We're only just beginning to see what the HoosierDaddies can do, and although McKinley beat them, I hope we get to see more of them next season. This high energy number was one of the best tournament performances we've ever seen. (Another obvious tournament highlight? This first season brilliance. Side note/Fantasy wish: Can Jesse St. James come to New York next season? Please?)

Top Lines:

"It wasn’t until I walked in this room, and I joined this club, that I really started believing in myself.” –Brittany

"Lord Tubbington is a stickler for continuity in editorial." –Brittany. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, a Fondue for Two web series is a summer necessity! How do I start a petition?

"Are we sure it’s not just Britney 3.0 week?" –Santana

"Do you want to have kids or just continue having weirdly intimate relationships with high school students?" –Brittany cuts to the core of Will’s issues

"He wants to do me but we’re just friends" –Sam. Oh my gosh, you guys, I want it on a T-shirt. Not for myself, just to see it out and about.

“Are Joe and Sugar here?” –Will. Anyone’s guess! I barely remember what they look like anymore.

What did you think of Glee's fourth-season finale? What are your bets on Rachel's Broadway audition? What about Blaine's maybe proposal? Is this the last we'll see of Brittany (and maybe Ryder!) for a bit? I want to hear your best guesses for where Joe and Sugar have been hiding -- do you think it was with Lauren? Will we still get Fondue for Two updates with Brittany at college? So many questions -- one long summer to debate them.

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