Glee season finale recap: All or Nothing

Rachel goes to her Broadway callback, Blaine flirts with proposing, and McKinley competes at Regionals. Plus: a wedding!
Ep. 22 | Aired May 9, 2013

IF HE LIKES IT Blaine will probably try to put a ring on it. 

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Elsewhere in Lima (don’t worry – we’ll get to the Regional performances under Musical Grades!) Blaine was moving full speed ahead with his plan to propose (!) to Kurt, despite all advice to the contrary. Blaine went engagement ring shopping (with some last-minute help from Sam) and the sales lady at the ring shop turned out to be PATTY DUKE. And  -- one invitation for Kurt and Blaine to Breadstix later – we learn that Duke is in a relationship with MEREDITH BAXTER. And they’re wonderful. And then Duke – after talking about young couples needing role models and all they’ve seen in their lifetime – proposes to Baxter. Kurt and Blaine eat it up, but skeptics should note that when asked, Kurt quickly explained that he and Blaine weren’t together. Note to Blaine: While not a hard and fast rule, it’s generally best practice not to propose to someone you aren’t currently dating.

But Blaine doesn’t have any more time to worry about making lifelong commitments – he’s got a song to cover. We’re all down to a science about how these vocal competitions play out, and it’s more of what we normally have seen the past four seasons: One joke-y group, in this case the a cappella arrangement of "The Rainbow Connection," one serious contender, in this case the HoosierDaddies, led by American Idol finalist Jessica Sanchez, and then McKinley High, who typically fall somewhere in between.

It’s a few moments of glorious competition – I certainly wouldn’t complain if we got to see more of Sanchez next season – and then it was time for the announcement. I don’t know if it was because it didn’t feel as high-stakes as Nationals last year or because I was more curious about all the other potential bombshells, Broadway and otherwise, going on, but McKinley High’s win felt a little anti-climactic, yes?

It must have been because we hadn’t gotten to the – surprise – biggest moment of the episode. Back in the choir room after the win, Emma had a little announcement of her own: She doesn’t do well with pressure or big crowds, but she and Will were going to get married, Right Here, Right Now (Sadly, the Glee kiddos didn’t break into this High School Musical classic).  Upstaging high school kids at their own event – it was so cute. I’m just kidding, of course, although it was silly to see only the Glee clubbers attend the wedding. But it genuinely was a sweet moment a long time in the making to see Emma and Will officially say “I Do.”

And they might not be the only newlyweds for long – the episode ended a few seconds after Will and Emma’s big kiss, but the camera panned down to show Kurt and Blaine standing a few feet away – and Blaine had a ring box behind his back. The End!

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