Glee season finale recap: All or Nothing

Rachel goes to her Broadway callback, Blaine flirts with proposing, and McKinley competes at Regionals. Plus: a wedding!
Ep. 22 | Aired May 9, 2013

IF HE LIKES IT Blaine will probably try to put a ring on it. 

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Once that intervention is deemed an epic failure, Sam gets involved and calls up Santana in New York. After confirming that the weirdness isn’t just Britney 3.0 (which, real talk, would be what exactly? Brittany as an X-Factor judge? Great Lord Tubbington, please make it happen!) Because there are real issues, Santana took a midnight train to Lima to help Brittany. Brittany tries to take the easy way out and have the convo on Fondue for Two, but Santana shuts that down, both literally and figuratively. After an off-camera discussion with her ex, backstage at Regionals Brittany drops the MIT bombshell to the club. Through tears, she discusses how much Glee club has meant to her, and the special place in her heart for all the members (Even you, John Joe). She’s leaving Lima immediately, which I imagine is a convenient way to get pregnant Heather Morris out of the show for a bit (but hopefully not forever!)

Brittany wasn’t the only one dealing with drama in Lima. Ryder has had it with the Catfishing, which he naturally namechecks a few times. He got real rage-y at a Glee club rehearsal, yelling and pushing things around. He threatened to quit the club unless whoever the secret person was 'fessed up and – shocker of shocks – Marley confessed. DO NOT ACCEPT! I helpfully yelled at my television. Marley’s tearful confession didn’t add up – it’s simply too cruel a "trick," as she described it, to play on someone whom you knew has feelings for you. For a second, I thought Marley was going to also confess real feelings for Ryder, but that’s a plotline for another time.

Instead, we got a soap-y twist, albeit one many of you called. Marley wasn’t the catfisher – it was Unique, and Marley was covering for her. When Ryder was yelling at Marley in the hallway after quitting Glee club right before Regionals, Unique confessed. She tearfully explained she liked him and thought they had a real connection, but that she knew he would never be able to see beyond her body. She says she knows Ryder wants to punch her, but that she "doesn’t want to lose what we have." Ryder replies: "I’m not going to punch you in the face. But I’m also not going to talk to you ever again."

This is a tough one. I feel for Unique, obviously, but – like any good friend will tell you – you can’t lie to get a guy to like you. To actively deceive him for weeks – particularly after he made it clear that it really bothered him – isn’t the way to treat anyone and, regardless of how confused you may have been, doesn’t bode well for your friendship. I’ll be curious to see how this continues to play out next season.  Right before the gang performed at Regionals, Ryder said he would rejoin the club because he was only mad at one person, not everyone, but informed Schu that he would be quitting the club after Regionals. Will Ryder leave the show? Immediately rejoin the club? I guess we’ll have to wait and see next fall, where the show will presumably pick up right where we left off.

NEXT: Will Blaine propose to Kurt?

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