Glee recap: No Strings Attached

A gas leak in the choir room causes puppet-filled chaos while Sue searches for some femininity
Ep. 07 | Aired Nov 28, 2013

MINI-ME. Kitty (Becca Tobin), Jake (Jacob Artist), and Tina (Jenna Ushkowitz) have some fun with their puppet lookalikes, courtesy of Blaine (Darren Criss).

Adam Rose/FOX

Sue, still on a quest for femininity, turned to Unique for help. The result was flat-ironed hair, lipstick, a skirt, and a pink blazer. Sue rocked the evaluation, even after Figgins tried to rig it by pointing out a dangerous gas leak in the choir room. Apparently Sue's dance number with Will wasn't her first "gas-induced fantasy dance sequence," and she had found and fixed the leak the night before. Just like that, she was made the school's permanent principal. Unfortunately, all the pink blazer got her was an apology from the superintendent. When she asked him out on a date, he wasn't interested. The lesson: Femininity is overrated.

Back in the Big Apple, the band wasn't feeling too great. Only one person had shown up for their first gig. The good news? Said person gave a bootleg of their performance to someone at the Williamsburg Music Hall -- Brooklyn hot spot! -- and suddenly, the band was back in business. To celebrate, they had cronuts and a package full of "Blaine-made" puppets. One for everyone! And I mean everyone. After learning that he would get a lead vocal on a song at Nationals, Blaine and the rest of the club grabbed some puppets and finished things off with one final performance.

"What Does the Fox Say?": When I first realized what they were doing, I rolled my eyes. This seemed a little late to the party, and this wasn't a song I was dying to hear another rendition of. However, once Rachel hit that big note, I couldn't hate it as much as I had originally wanted. Rachel's vocals are my weakness, and I'm not ashamed. C

What did you all think of the episode? Did the puppets make you cringe, or did you love the lighter side of Glee? And how happy are you that Glee isn't doing the teen pregnancy thing again?! Sound off in the comments (and then go eat some leftovers)!

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