Glee recap: CLAP On, CLAP Off

Glee talks about sex, baby; it's not very sexy. Artie deals with an STD. Blaine and Kurt deal with intimacy issues, and Sam and Mercedes deal with no sex at all.
Ep. 16 | Aired Apr 15, 2014

Back at their house, Sam and Mercedes are doing a little macking, but it’s time for her to address all this thinking she’s been doing. Mercedes has decided that she wants to wait to have sex. And not until she feels like she’s ready, or until the timing is right, but until marriage. Curveball, Glee. Sam can’t quite understand what the difference between doing that and just being really good friends would be, but she says she needs to know that the man she gives herself to in that way will be with her forever in marriage. He asks for some time to think about it; I also take some real time to think about this storyline, and that is the first time I’ve been inspired to do any such thing in the middle of a Glee episode in a long while.

Artie finds Julie in school to apologize for being super weird and telling her they should wait to have sex before they had even talked about not waiting to have sex. And then he says the worst words: “I need to be honest…” I don’t know, man. You’ve already lost her, not to mention, this is a curable ailment. Maybe wait to be honest until after your next couple of check-ins, and see if you can keep this friendship first. But what do I know? Artie tells Julie that he has chlamydia and he had to tell Vanessa and Jess and that’s why he was acting so weird. Julie doesn’t care that he was sleeping with two girls, but she does care that the girls he was sleeping with are idiots who film themselves eating dirt and send it to Sundance. “Honesty makes you see who everybody really is and…you’re a creeper, Artie.” I'm a fan of Julie's (Stephanie Hunt, who you may remember as a Landry-loving member of Crucifictorious in Friday Night Lights).

You know who’s simple and kind of dumb but not a creeper and a really solid binge TV watcher? Sam. Mercedes picks up a call from Sam thinking that he’s calling to break up with her, only to open her apartment door and find 500 lit candles (don’t worry, he has a fire extinguisher). I liked that it looked like how a 19-year-old guy might set the mood to have sex with a girl for the first time, but really, Sam was telling Mercedes that he was willing to wait for her, if that’s what she needs. “I can live without sex, but I can’t live without you.” It all came on a little fast, but for now, they are sweet, they are mature, and it seems they are both sexually attracted to each other, so they’ve got that going for them. Or against them, as it were.

The episode ends on a lovely note with Mercedes going to see Rachel again and conceding that she's happy to be a prude. She doesn’t care because she knows she’s made the right decision with Sam. Rachel tells Mercedes there was actually one moment where she thought she might have a little something with Sam (oh boy, did we dodge that bullet), and Mercedes asks if she’s having any moments with any other men. Rachel says she’s closed for business. She wasn’t dating Finn when he died but they both knew they were endgame. "There’s a line between your past and your future,” and she’ll draw it when she’s ready. Maybe some time, but not right now. Just some really lovely work from Lea Michele and Amber Riley this week -- I’ll take quality over quantity any day. Mercedes tells Rachel it’s great to have a girlfriend to talk to. “It really is.” It really is!

What did you think of Glee tonight? Does Blaine and Kurt's future look dim, or was this just a stumble? Are Sam and Mercedes as serious as they seem? And what in the world is going on with Artie?

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