Glee recap: Same Song, New (York) Verse

Glee finally, finally moves full-time to New York and while the action is minimal, the songs are superb, and the tone is pleasant, making for a better episode than we've seen from this show in... well, it's been a while.
Ep. 14 | Aired Apr 1, 2013


After Artie served her such a fresh plate of realness, Rachel switches gears from Shoshanna to full Hannah Horvath, realizing that if she's trapped inside her fancy car, she's missing out on all the real life inspiration for her craft. She ditches the car and tells Artie to meet her at the subway. As she trained in Krav Maga at the Lima JCC, she is fully prepared to protect him on the subway on his daily commute, if he can just let her know every time she starts to get all Rachel-y. Artie and Rachel, fun friend pairing – who knew?! They break out into Petula Clark’s “Don’t Sleep in the Subway,” which is both solid advice and a cute little duet, complete with backup dancers that look like they really were recruited right off a New York subway. B+

Blaine returns home to Kurt after six hours finally spent apart and the two sit down on Kurt’s uncomfortable furniture to have a mature and much needed discussion about the state of their relationship. Living together is a little too much pressure right now and while neither wants to move backward, they know they need to be smart about growing up and not apart. Which means, Blaine is free to move in with his favorite pal, Sam, who has recently moved in and out of his apartment for models (one of my greatest TV history regrets is that 8th & Ocean was canceled too soon) on account of lots o’ pillz.

Everyone arrives back at Kurt & Rachel’s Bushwick Flat (Available to Rent for Weddings and Bat Mitzvahs) and even though they were together in the beginning of the episode, it’s not until this scene that I realize that this is really it, our New York Glee cast: Rachel, Kurt, Blaine, Artie and Sam. And while I truly have enjoyed this episode, it feels a little like something is missing. That thing: Mercedes Jones, ladies and gentlemen! Her FOMO got to her, so she told her record company that she needed a little East Coast inspiration, and they got her a two bedroom apartment in the city that never sleeps. Clearly, Blaine and Sam will be moving in, and we will continue to not be concerned with where Artie is living. We can just rest easy that he got his laptop back from the now arrested V-neck sweater wearing asshole on crutches.

While the newly cemented gang moves Mercedes into her apartment and Sam tries and fails to reignite their sexual chemistry, Rachel gives us another Funny Girl glimpse with a just stellar performance of “People.” She moves from the stage, to a cozy dinner with her friends, to the crowded streets of New York. I loved that you couldn’t see her most of the time as the crowd ebbed and flowed down the sidewalk right along with her. She may be a Broadway star but, in the end, she’s still just a little girl in the big city like everyone else. A

In some ways, a lot happened in this episode to set the stage for New York Glee and the rest of the show’s run; in other ways it was kind of only about various modes of transportation and Sam getting a haircut. It seems a little simple, but let me tell you something, I did not miss the theme of the week, not one little bit. Make me work for my theme, please; make me work to see where this thing is going and if it will be any good. Logic points to yes, but trying to apply logic to Glee is kind of like trying to pull an invisible rope -- you can do it, but it’s not going to get you anywhere (don’t tell Marcel Marceau’s illegitimate son Lane I said that!).

I had been predicting that New York Glee would be kind of like Smash: Season 1, but it’s looking like the final season and a half of the show might play out more like Friends meets Saved by the Bell: The College Years. What do you think? Is New York an appealing prospect to you? Did you watch tonight, or are you really sticking by being out for good? You can be honest… I’ll still be here no matter what.

Best Line: “…and we’re not friends on Facebook because I made it a point of waiting for YOU to friend ME, which you never did.” – Blaine, explaining a very real social power play to Elliot.

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