Glee recap: The Show Must Go On

Glee says goodbye to, uh, Glee Club; and a final adieu for Mr. Schuester, Tina Cohen-Chang, and the youngin's, before the rest of the gang heads to New York.
Ep. 13 | Aired Mar 25, 2014

IT'S THEIR PARTY If Glee knows how to do one thing, it's a goodbye episode, even if that goodbye happens to come right in the middle of a season.


New Directions 2.0 finally (I didn’t even remember what Marley’s voice sounded like) have their goodbye moment and they're tasked with sweeping the floor of the choir room while doing it. Marley reminds them all that they were part of something incredible, and even though Glee Club is finished, that can’t be taken from them. As with Glee, the new kids may have just been too little, too late; but when the end result is Unique and Kitty promising to still talk to each other in the halls, maybe it was all worth it.

The last five minutes of Glee in Lima are spent in a rushed graduation ceremony in the auditorium. Apparently McKinley was much smaller than I ever knew, because there are seriously, like, 30 people in its graduating class. It’s one of the more disorganized high school graduations I’ve ever seen, but it makes for quick work of Sue calling the names of Tina (who got into Brown and isn’t going to New York anymore – sorry, storyline!), Artie, Sam, Blaine, Becky and, with a few called-in favors from Santana, Brittany. Hats are tossed, hugs are shared, and Santana convinces Brittany to take a return ticket from Lesbos and come back to New York with her after their trip.

After graduation, presumably at the close of Will’s final school year with McKinley, he takes one last trip to the empty choir room to find Sue there, waiting with a recalled Razzle Dazzle wine cooler to toast to his demise. He won’t miss the berating, but she’ll miss the fight. Will was a worthy adversary, and it’s probably that ever-oscillating feeling of respect and hate that leads Sue to get him an audition for Vocal Adrenaline’s glee director. I hope he gets it. He’s had his rag-tag Glee Club who worshiped him, now how about one where he’ll either run it into the ground or finally have to plan a competition song more than a few days in advance?

As Will shuts off the lights, and closes the door to the Glee we’ve always known, the voices of Glee members past sound out, ending with Finn: “We want to win this for you.” Some people will say that Glee ended for them at the end of season 3, or maybe even with “The Quarterback.” I’m sure a few more will bow out here -- it certainly feels like a series finale. But we know the show must (or will) go on to New York, more like a spinoff that’s happening in the middle of a season than the same show. Personally, I’m excited to see what happens, and if they can make this work, it just might be a comeback.

Or, you know, not. What do you think about New York? Will you be watching eagerly, or between your fingers, as Brittany, Blaine, Sam and Artie join the rest of the NYC gang?

Best Lines:
- “You guys got married and adopted Russian twin babies!” – Sam’s excited guess at what Blaine and Kurt’s news might be
- “Open the g-dang door!” – Santana in the Chums montage (Rachel was clearly Monica, so I guess that made Santana Phoebe? Maybe more Chandler because they’re both dead inside.)
- “Walking away from a dream that you don’t actually care about is you winning because it’s you saying ‘this isn’t who I am and I don’t care who knows it.’” – Brittany, serving up more than just mathematical genius
- “You don’t need a plan, you’ll figure something out once you get there. We can get an apartment!” – Artie, giving some truly terrible advice about moving to one of the most expensive cities in the world.
- “That sweater’s legit.” – Puck being a pretty nice, but still terrifying, guy
- “SANDDOLLAR” – Brittany’s on-point description of Will

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