Glee recap: The Dark Side

It's a bird. It's a plane. It's the Glee kids pretending to be superheroes
Ep. 07 | Aired Nov 22, 2012

I AM...not the only one wearing a silly costume.

Jordin Althaus

At the same time, Blaine decided that the Warbler jacket was a seductive mistress indeed. He told Finn that he was going to leave McKinley to go back to Dalton – mainly because without Kurt, he doesn’t know why he was at McKinley at all. This is why you have a life outside your relationship, kids. Later, Sam confronted Blaine about his plans to leave, and Blaine just about broke my heart when he told Sam: “I just want to stop feeling like I’m a bad person.” We got a flashback to the night Blaine cheated, and Blaine explained what he’d been trying to tell Kurt for the last couple episodes: He wasn’t sure he was suppose to be with Kurt, but once he hooked up with someone else, he realized Kurt was all he wanted. Forever. Despite the fact that I think every fictional character who has ever cheated has had a similar realization, the tears in Blaine's eyes made me hope that someday Kurt can forgive him.

Sam really rose to the friendship challenge. He told Blaine, “You’ve got to stop villianizing yourself,” and then Sam asked for one day to change his mind about switching schools. While they were singing, we were treated to a montage of all the kids being real-life heroes, cleaning up graffiti and gathering food donations. I imagine it also made Blaine feel like he was repaying some made-up karmic debt.

But there was still the matter of the stolen trophy. Superhero Sam and Blaine (Slaine!) snuck back into the school otherwise known as "Death Star meets Mordor meets Temple of Doom” and stole back their Nationals trophy, leaving in its place the Warbler jacket (RIP) and a note that said, ‘No thanks!’ And with that, I guess Blaine’s decision was made. He’s sticking with McKinley after all. And the Glee club kids, after some initial skepticism, are sticking with Finn. They presented him with a utility belt – well, a fanny pack -- full of stuff he may need to be their instructor. Obviously the best part was the Barbie doll head that Kiki-loving Brittany threw in there. The Human Brain strikes again!

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