Glee recap: Gleased Lightnin'

The past meets the future as the New Directions take on Grease
Ep. 06 | Aired Nov 15, 2012

ENTRANCED Sugar, our feelings are written all over your face. Blaine's (Darren Criss) performance of "Beauty School Dropout" left us completely and pleasantly stunned.

Mike Yarish


"Greased Lightnin'" - Hey Ryder, you're very promising. And everything about this number -- from Mike Chang's moves to Sam's supporting vocals -- made me feel really hopeful about New Direction's future, as long as you're around. B+

"Look at Me, I'm Sandra Dee" - This rendition of a classic song was so seeped in hate and spite that it ruined the number completely. Thanks, Kitty. C-

"Beauty School Dropout" - Blaine was made for Grease, from the clothes, to the hair, to the soulful quality of the music. And his vocally impressive version of this song was, unsurprisingly, one of the highlight of the episode. A

"There Are Worse Things I Could Do" - This number was simple and to the point, so I will be too: We miss you Santana. A-

"You're the One That I Want" - This song was the perfect example of everything I loved about this episode. As the new kids performed, Rachel had visions of the original New Directions up there having a grand time. Seeing the old gang made me as nostalgic as Rachel was feeling in that moment, and I love it when songs on the show can evoke that kind of emotional response. Well done! A

Top lines:
"This is just another of your ill-conceived, bizarrely sentimental schemes that displays absolutely no forethought and appears immediately ridiculous to everyone in America except for you." -- Sue

"I promise I won't pee in it." -- Brittany

"I'm living off of Ambien and The Notebook." -- Kurt

"I've seen your true colors, Finn Hudson. You've got hate in that heart, Double Stuff. And probably also frosting." -- Sue

Finn: You're kind of my moose
Rachel: It's muse.
Finn: I know, I just wanted to make you smile.

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