Glee recap: Gleased Lightnin'

The past meets the future as the New Directions take on Grease
Ep. 06 | Aired Nov 15, 2012

ENTRANCED Sugar, our feelings are written all over your face. Blaine's (Darren Criss) performance of "Beauty School Dropout" left us completely and pleasantly stunned.

Mike Yarish

Over in New York, Rachel was excited because she had scored her first off-Broadway play audition, but Cassandra (Kate Hudson) told her to pass because she "wasn't ready." Rachel countered saying she was and, in fact, told Cassandra that she should audition as well "to get back in the game." Rachel obviously meant well but we later learned Cassandra took major offense to the comment.

At first, Cassandra seemed to be showing a sliver of humanity and helped Rachel and Kurt return back to McKinley so they could go watch New Directions do Grease. (She gifted them her Jet Blue miles, which she no longer needed since she was banned from the airline. Color me unsurprised.) But it turns out that was part of her plan. With Rachel gone, she moved in on Brody, and led Rachel to believe that she had slept with him. Rachel was crushed and we were met with an all-too-familiar image of Rachel crying in the girl's bathroom at McKinley. Circle of life?

Now, I don't believe anything actually happened between Cassandra and Brody, but I also never thought Blaine and Kurt would break up because one of them cheated. So I could be wrong.

Speaking of Kurt and Blaine, they shared a wonderfully awkward encounter at McKinley -- as did Rachel and Finn -- and I appreciated that all the actors played this scene so subtly. I also loved the small moment when Blaine was on stage and he seemed fazed by Kurt's presence. It almost looked like he was about to break his concentration/mess up in some way. He didn't, of course, but I appreciated this tiny moments -- almost as much as I appreciated the sparkles in his baby blue sweater.

Later, Blaine tried to approach Kurt to chat, but he wasn't having it. "Rachel's right, this doesn't feel like home anymore," Kurt said, before storming off. WHAT DID HE WANT TO SAY?! LET HIM SPEAK!

Well, maybe it was for the best because Finn and Rachel talked and that didn't pan out too well. In fact, it was heartbreaking. After believing that Rachel had officially moved on from him, Finn said he didn't think they should talk anymore. Maybe it was the Finn/Rachel musical score or some really fine acting, but this scene really got to me. There were tears, people. Tears.

There were some other major couples moments in this episode: Santana and Brittany shared a backstage moment that showed what we all knew (they both are still hurting from their split), and Tina and Mike decided they're going to try to work things out! (Woo!!)

Now a few burning questions: Did you miss your regular recapper? (No worries, Erin will be back next week.) Did the whole storyline with Wade and his parents make you really sad? (Note: I have to commend Alex Newell for that scene; he truly looked miserable sitting there in his male clothing, and it broke my heart.) As awesome as Santana was as Rizzo, did you feel a little bad for Tina? What do you think Blaine wanted to tell Kurt? How much did you cry during the Rachel and Finn scene? Do you think Brody slept with Cassandra? Do you think Finn can pull off a sectionals win? Did you, too, think the review at the end of the episode corny? And what did you think of Schue's mini send off?

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