Glee recap: Hopelessly Devoted to Schu

The McKinley kids begin work on Grease Glee Project winner Blake Jenner makes his debut
Ep. 05 | Aired Nov 8, 2012

BORN TO HAND JIVE and also to sing. Always with the singing. 

Adam Rose/Fox

Musical Moments:

“Hopelessly Devoted To You”: Brokenhearted Blaine sings a ballad. Originally sung by Sandy in Grease, Blaine – in the throes of a bad breakup – tackles the soulful tune with a healthy amount of restraint. You all may be shocked to learn that I enjoyed a Blaine solo number! A-

“Blow Me (One Last Kiss)”: Marley and Wade rock out both in the hallways and onstage for their audition (Side note: This is a horrible choice for an audition song). I really dug the harmonies on this, and the word changes (“whiskey wish”!?) made me chuckle. A-

“Juke Box Hero”: Turns out, Ryder has a bit of an inner rock star in him. I don’t know that I loved Glee covering rock, but I do like any tune that gives Finn a chance to play drums. Nice debut, Blake Jenner. B

“Everybody Talks”:  Jake and Kitty also did a two-for-one audition, and they killed it. I don’t care for her character, but Kitty has got some moves. And – sorry, Marley – great chemistry (both vocal and physical) with Jake. B+

Born to Hand Jive”: Another Grease classic. I’ll give it a grade once I’m able to see the performance of the whole group dancing together.

Top Lines:

“I’ve never seen Blaine so masterpiece theater.” -Artie. Story pitch: Blaine Anderson becomes obsessed with Downton Abbey; Kurt re-falls in love with him.

“All I do is study. I haven’t even seen Dark Knight Rises yet.” –Ryder

“50 Shades of Gravy” –Kitty to Marley. Normally her lines bug me, but I have to admit that while mean, this one made me chuckle.

“A very unnecessary lubrication of lightning.” – Sue, giving my favorite description of a Grease musical number ever.

“A strange weeping man-child with lotion in his hair but no adult friends.” –Sue FTW. I don't ever want Sue to insult me. I fear she would peg me too accurately.

“Dreams aren’t free.” –Wade. It's not funny, but I just liked this sentiment.

What did you think of “The Role You Were Born To Play”? Did you miss Kurt and Rachel? Happy to see Mike and Mercedes? How are you feeling about Finn’s future at McKinley? Wade/Unique as Rizzo? What are your first impressions of Ryder? And who else is excited for ALL GREASE ALL THE TIME next week?

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