Glee recap: Hopelessly Devoted to Schu

The McKinley kids begin work on Grease Glee Project winner Blake Jenner makes his debut
Ep. 05 | Aired Nov 8, 2012

BORN TO HAND JIVE and also to sing. Always with the singing. 

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But that wasn’t the only shake-up going on at McKinley. Finn, trying to find the new Finn, headed to the football field and spied a kid doing some truly ridiculous and random dance moves on the field. Hmmm, he must have thought to himself. This seems like just the kind of stable-but-fun kid that I want to deal with. I bet he can sing! Finn must have remembered Kurt’s “Single Ladies” on the football field from a few years back, and how well that ended up going. The amateur dancer with the Bieber hair (Seriously. First thing Kitty and I agreed on.) was Ryder, played by Glee Project winner Blake Jenner. In addition to his moves, turns out he’s kind of a moron. Or, at least, not a good student. But in a truly random piece of reasoning, Finn convinced him -- after waltzing into his class and talking to him -- that joining the Glee club as an extracurricular was a good idea. The two then rocked out to some classic rock -- doubling as Ryder’s Grease audition -- and all was well.

Finn may have solved the problem of Danny, but the problem of Rizzo was just beginning. After conversing with the other directors (I’m sorry, but there was absolutely no reason for Mercedes and Mike to be there!) Finn said that he wanted to give Wade a chance. Artie disagreed, but said that he would go along with the idea. At that exact moment, Sue appeared in the choir room, and told Finn he had to go to the principal’s office with her -- right now.

In Mr. Figgin’s office, Finn presented his case for why he wanted Unique to be Rizzo, with Schu backing him up. Sue was against Unique-as-Rizzo for a bunch of reasons, including one convoluted idea about how that might make him eventually wind up on the Cheerios, which she didn’t want. They argued back and forth, and then Finn went a step too far talking about differences, angrily telling Sue that as someone with a “retarded baby,” she should understand and want to help. Ouch. He immediately apologized, but she stormed out of the office anyway. Honestly, this seemed out of character for Finn – he may be a bit of dunce, but he’s not cruel. Although he did call Kurt a f** once, so I guess he has his moments.

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