Glee recap: Make Me Wanna Shout

Viewers get answers to big questions and everybody dances to classic movie songs
Ep. 15 | Aired Mar 7, 2013

IN EMMA'S EYES Copying a romantic gesture from a movie is just as sweet as doing something original, right? 

Adam Rose/Fox

Musical Grades: (Tonight’s songs had a bunch of built-in goodwill, but these covers were also excellent performances of classic tracks.)

Come What May: In a pretty near shot-for-shot remake of Moulin Rouge, we had Kurt imagining Blaine singing this song about Kurt and then fantasy Kurt joining in for the later part of the tune. All the while, real Kurt was crying. It was brutal from an emotional standpoint. From a musical standpoint, it was a hit on a night of top-notch performances. A-

In Your Eyes: Totally ridiculous for all the kids to be with Schu for this super-private moment? Yes. But, again, from a musical standpoint, it was a lot of fun to have the kids sing back up as Schu re-enacted Say Anything with the biggest, most hopeful grin of the episode. B+

Old Time Rock And Roll/Danger Zone: This mashup reminded me of early Glee more than anything else recently – and that’s certainly a good thing. As a tribute to “the early macho cinema of one Mr. Tom Cruise,” the boys donned fighter pilot outfits (Top Gun) as well as white shirts and undies (Risky Business) for the battle against the girls. One of your best, current McKinley guys. A-

Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend/Material Girl: The boys may have thrown down the microphone, but the girls more than met the challenge with this old-school-feeling mashup. I loved that so many of the young ladies got a chance to shine, and their choreography was a bit more involved than the gentlemen. A

Shout: Of all the numbers that have the Glee kids dancing around school – and there have been a surprising amount over the course of 500 songs – this one was one of the best. I liked the different energy levels and locations for the different sections of the songs, and the actual dancing looked pretty intense. Impressive. A

Unchained Melody: Hats off to Team Glee for great premise and delivery. Want to feel old? Marley wasn’t even alive when Ghost originally came out. No matter – it’s her favorite movie now and the famous pottery scene was recreated with Marley's very own Ghost – Ryder. A-

NEXT: More performance grades, and Top Lines!

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