Glee recap: Make Me Wanna Shout

Viewers get answers to big questions and everybody dances to classic movie songs
Ep. 15 | Aired Mar 7, 2013

IN EMMA'S EYES Copying a romantic gesture from a movie is just as sweet as doing something original, right? 

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Rachel may not be convinced Brody’s extended absence means drugs, but she’s already in pretty heavy denial about some other things related to Brody. Later in the episode, Santana confronted Rachel about finding her pregnancy test in the bathroom trash. Rachel tried to deny it, but then broke down crying, leading viewers to assume it’s positive. Santana isn’t always the greatest friend (understatement of the year!) but she was quite supportive as she let Rachel cry her fears out. Assuming Rachel thinks she is in fact pregnant, I’m wondering what the next step is in this story. Will she tell Finn? Brody? Get checked out by a doctor first? It’s March Madness!

Speaking of madness, no one had seen Emma since she ditched her wedding and headed for the hills (or her parents' house?). Schu had been unsuccessful in tracking her down -- I realize he’s her ex-fiancé, but a lot of what he said in this episode had a definite creepy stalker vibe, yes? -- A still-feeling-guilty Finn and Artie decided to help find her. They convinced Emma’s parents there was a Ginger Support Group at school (meaning Finn and Artie were donning ridiculous fake hair), and they needed to contact their group’s faculty advisor, Emma. Miraculously, Emma’s dad bought the ruse; the whole gang then hightailed it over to creep out/surprise/seduce Emma by way of Say Anything.

“In Your Eyes” itself was very sweet, (and of course there was a boom box! Between this and the pager, it was a full-on lovefest to the '80s!). The best moment was clearly when Schu said, “Guys….go,” and the group scattered so Will and Emma could have an adult-ish private conversation. This is why you don't bring your high school Glee club around with you in your personal life. After talking about their fears, Will and Emma decided they basically needed to start over, and that they both want to do that. The scene ended with them holding hands and agreeing to see a movie on Friday night. I feel like Emma really missed an opportunity here to at least just give Schu a heads-up about her kiss with Finn, even if it meant nothing.

But alas, she didn’t, so Finn had to. After announcing the winner of Movies week for Glee club (they’re all winners!) Schu took Finn out into the hall and thanked him for helping him find Emma and allowing him to begin to put things right. And of course that was too much guilt for Finn, so he finally confessed to kissing Emma when she was having an “AC/DC” freakout. You guys Schu looked, rightly, so unbelievably hurt and angry. Finn told him to punch him in the face, but what Schu actually did probably hurt worse: He walked away.

In my notes on this episode, I wrote, “Will and Finn have a problem that can’t be solved with song.” WRONG! Because according to the preview for next week, they’ll be duking it out by way of the *NSYNC classic, “Bye Bye Bye.” Excuse me, my 13-year-old self is going to go die happy now.

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