Glee recap: Divas

The Glee club kids discover their inner diva, plus a surprise kiss and Santana’s return
Ep. 13 | Aired Feb 7, 2013

A DIVA IS A FEMALE VERSION OF A HUSTLER...or another name for Brittany.

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“Don’t Stop Me Now” (Original by Queen): Full disclosure: This is my favorite Queen song and  seeing a leather jacket-clad Blaine totally commit was fun to watch. He brought that over-the-top Freddie Mercury spirit to the track, and also played piano. One of his best in quite some time.  A

“Girl on Fire” (Original by Alicia Keys): Santana hit this number out of the park. Thematically/story-wise it was a great choice, and letting Santana's vocals soar was a nice treat. Favorite number of the episode, and one of the best Santana numbers ever. A

“Hung Up” (Original by Madonna): For diva week, there had to be a Madonna track and Tina got the honor of doing one of Madge's singles from this decade. The choreography was fun. The song -- like the original -- isn't a vocal stand-out, but it gets Tina's message to Blaine across. B

“Make No Mistake (She’s Mine)” (Original by Kim Carnes/Barbra Streisand): For two characters that hate each other, Santana and Sam's voices harmonized quite well together. The song choice was a perfect fit, and this was great to listen to -- although not having Rachel sing a Streisand song during diva week seems like a missed opportunity. B+

“Nutbush City Limits” (Original by Tina Turner): What fun! The dancing was top notch, and of course Santana delivered on the diva vocals. A-

Top Lines:

“You're Barbra’s heir apparent.” –NYADA student sucking up to Rachel

“She is not a trick ass ho, and she does not sweat the haters.” –Emma explains what a diva is

"It's NYADA’s fight club. Singing instead of punching” –Brody

“Listen up lipsy Mcchapstick.” –Santana to Trouty Mouth

“Please don’t tell my mom.” “Oh I couldn’t, I don’t speak Spanish.” –Santana and Sue

“She never wins anything.” –Brittany about Tina

“He’s like a precious, Tiger Beat shrinky-dink.” –Tina about Blaine

"Midnight Madness: If you go flat you lose. This is not a performance, this is a blood sport.” –Brody

What do you all think about Santana in NYC? Do you think she’ll really stay with Kurt and Rachel? How are you feeling about Tina and Blaine? Who was your favorite diva? Wish you could join in the over-the-top fun of Midnight Madness? And what about that Finn and Emma kiss? Do you think Will and Emma's wedding will still happen next week?

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