Glee recap: Divas

The Glee club kids discover their inner diva, plus a surprise kiss and Santana’s return
Ep. 13 | Aired Feb 7, 2013

A DIVA IS A FEMALE VERSION OF A HUSTLER...or another name for Brittany.

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Meanwhile, our New York divas were having a bit of a tough go of it this week. Rachel was, according to Kurt, becoming more insufferable by the second, and she was surrounding herself with obnoxious hanger-ons who made fun of Kurt "Taylor the Latte Boy" Hummel (mean guys, great reference). But nobody puts Kurt in a corner. After a morning fight between the roommates, he challenged Rachel to a sing-off (after disclosing that he threw their last one, the “Defying Gravity” challenge from a few years back). Luckily, NYADA had a whole system in place for such challenges, the twice-annual Midnight Madness, which, as Brody explained it, sounded exactly like the Riff-Off from Pitch Perfect.

The two had to each sing the surprise chosen song, which turned out to be “Bring Him Home” from Les Miserables (Jean Valjean: Decidedly not a diva). Some would argue that Kurt had a built-in advantage because it was written for and typically performed by a man. Regardless, the two sang it beautifully, but shocker (?) Kurt won, and you could tell Rachel was not okay with it. How can you tell a Barbra fangirl is down in the dumps? She wouldn’t even sign up for a Funny Girl Broadway audition! Happily, Kurt was still a good person, which meant that he shot down the guys who were being mean to him earlier in the episode -- after telling them to leave the Adam’s Apples alone -- and then comforted Rachel, telling her she was a diva, in the best possible way.

All’s well for our Brooklyn dwellers that ends well, and last night, things ended especially well for the NYC crew. Back in Lima, Sue told Santana she found out she had dropped out of school, and offered her a job helping to assist the Cheerios. (Show idea: All the kids come back to Lima, teach all the classes, never leave, and perform weekly staff musicals.) Santana considered the pitch, but then talked with Brittany in the auditorium, and Brittany told her she didn’t want Santana to hold herself back. Brittany also clued Santana in that she knew Elaine wasn’t her real girlfriend. Happily, the couple formally known as brittana seemed to be in a good place, even if Brittany affirmed that she still wanted to date Sam.  “You can have a real girlfriend, but not a best friend because that part’s already taken,” Brittany told her.  “You really are a genius,” Santana replied as she gave her a kiss. Brittany peaced out to go pretend to be British with Sam at Breadstix, which left Santana alone for an introspective song that started in the auditorium in Lima and ended outside Kurt and Rachel’s apartment in NYC. “I’m moving in!” Santana declared to an openly shocked Kurt and Rachel.

Performance Grades:

“Bring Him Home” (Original from Les Miserables): It was "Defying Gravity Part 2" for our NYADA kids when Rachel and Kurt’s versions of the song were cut together, allowing them both inspired phrasing and showstopping moments. But I think I have to agree with the Midnight Madness crew – Kurt was just a little more awe-inspiring, yes?  A-

“Diva” (Original by Beyoncé): This over-the-top fantasy number was a ton of fun. Loved the idea of turning an auditorium into a runway, did not love Blaine’s feathered top. Unique taking lead vocals on this was a great choice. Did Glee pick a great week to cover Queen Bey or what? (If you haven’t already re-watched, check out the full version of Beyonce’s divalicious half-time performance). The woman is full diva, and watching the kiddos – Brittany, Unique, Tina, Marley and Kitty (plus Blaine!) – parade around in outfits and dance from the choir room to the auditorium was an over-the-top episode highlight. Any questions? A-

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