Glee recap: It's Getting Hot in Here

The men of Glee take it all off to raise funds for Regionals; Santana and Quinn visit Rachel in NYC
Ep. 12 | Aired Jan 31, 2013

BAKE SALES ARE SO 2011 The Glee club takes it off for a great cause...Regionals!

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“Love Song” (Original by Sara Bareilles): Favorite number of the night goes to an auditorium riff-off between three of McKinley's graduates. Santana, Quinn and Rachel all sounded great, and their voices blended well together. The best part, however, was the performance and just how dang happy they all looked. Rachel should decide not to do a topless scene every week. A

“This is a New Year” (Original by Ian Axel): Reminiscent of the Glee club's fun from last year's "Black or White" track, this tune was a montage of our favorite bunch of misfits goofing around with each other. Much like "Love Song," it was great to see everyone looking so happy, and an upbeat group number at the end was a nice way to finish things off. Bonus points for Unique's part. A-

Top Lines:

"You could be a sexy Claus." --Tina, who clearly has years of fantasies that are just now coming out, to Blaine

“Those Twilight books are poop on paper and we’ve turned it into a multi-billion dollar industry.” – Kitty

“You name arms after guns, not shoulders.” - Jake to Ryder

"It's Broga. Yoga for bros." - Sam

“What they’re really looking for is a guy who’ll get naked emotionally.” –Ryder to Jake

“Topless is as nude as anyone is going to want to see you.” –Santana to Rachel

"Fondue for Two!" --Brittany. It's back, y'all!

What did you guys think of "Naked"? Did you like seeing all the shirtless guys? Enjoy that Marley and Jake kissed? What do you think Sam's future will hold? (How is he not pursuing voiceover acting?) Could you have gone your entire life without hearing about Sue's Penthouse spread? Is Schu ever returning, or should Finn go ahead and get that teaching license and just stick around permanently?

And who else is still hoping there is a Fondue for Two web spinoff at some point? A Lord Tubbington cat video would be all the rage.

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