Glee recap: It's Getting Hot in Here

The men of Glee take it all off to raise funds for Regionals; Santana and Quinn visit Rachel in NYC
Ep. 12 | Aired Jan 31, 2013

BAKE SALES ARE SO 2011 The Glee club takes it off for a great cause...Regionals!

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Back at McKinley, the "Men of McKinley" calendar sale was a huge success. Am I the only one who thought it was hilarious that they raised “only” $350 off the photos? I feel like a bake sale really would have been easier. But it also would have been way less shirtless, so I guess it’s a fair trade-off. The guys signed copies of their calendars, and Jake gave a special one to Marley that read “I Love You” over a nearly naked picture of him wearing a pumpkin. So Jarley is officially happening. Also happening? New favorite BFF couple Sam and Blaine. Last week, Blaine revealed a secret crush on Sam, but this week, he was all about being a good friend and helping him when Sam felt he couldn’t ever amount to anything. Blaine got him a meeting with Emma, and also made a video for him that had everyone talking about why he was the greatest. It was very sweet, and now, thanks to Brittany, we all know that Sam was the very first person in America to perform a Sean Connery impression.

Musical Grades:

“Torn” (Original by Natalie Imbruglia): I don't recall anything like this on Glee before, which automatically gives it points for creativity. Having newly sexy Rachel sing against her former self was an inspired choice, and of course Lea Michele more than held her own against Lea Michele. This was a fun one. A-

“A Thousand Years” (Original by Christina Perri): New love! Romance! Harmonizing over a piano in the auditorium! This performance was classic Glee, and Jake and Marley's voices sound very nice together. B+

“Centerfold/Hot In Herre” (Originals by J. Geils Band/Nelly): This song was 100% ridiculous, but of course that was the point. It was a silly mash up that surprisingly worked, and the over-the-top choreography (lifting Kitty!?) hit the right tone. B

“Let Me Love You (Until You Learn To Love Yourself)” (Original by Ne-yo): Did anyone become a new fan of Jake last night? He was out of some 15-year-old's diary with this vocal valentine to Marley in front of the whole club. Ballads work for him. A-

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