Glee recap: Baby Got Some Issues

McKinley's Sadie Hawkins dance presents problems for everyone, including people who are no longer in high school
Ep. 11 | Aired Jan 24, 2013

THINK IT'S FLY? The guys give viewers a lesson in '90s hits. 

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But Blaine and Tina (and Sam!) weren’t the main couple brimming with Sadie Hawkins-infused issues. That honor fell to Kitty. She wanted to go to the dance with Jake, but Good & Sweet Marley beat her to the asking. First, Kitty told Jake he was making a mistake because Marley wouldn’t be having sex with him, and she -- taking a lesson from the end of Grease? -- was now more than willing to do that. “You have needs. Are you really sure Marley is up for the job?” Ugh. Everything about this just made me a combination of sad and mad. Mostly sad. Happily, Jake liked Marley, and stuck with his choice of going to the dance with her, but not before getting some council from Puck. Getting advice from Puck about relationships is like getting advice about fair play from Lance Armstrong, so naturally things went downhill from there.

Puck offered to "deal" with Kitty, and Kitty seemed more than interested. She essentially propositioned him while asking the older Puck to go to the school dance with her. Side note: Is there anything sadder than going to a high school dance post-graduation?  Did everything about this plot bother you as much as it bothered me? The episode ended with the twosome going off to a car to hook up after the dance, something I’m sure we’re suppose to presume happened unless we’re told differently next week. I get that this is Glee; we shouldn’t think too hard about anything; it’s all suppose to be fun, but 16-ish-year-old Kitty hooking up with Puck, especially to prove some kind of point, may be a low point for the show – particularly on a program that pushes self acceptance. This subplot seemed like a walking PSA for statutory rape, except it’s being presented as inconsequential, I guess because Kitty told Puck she had a fake ID so he would be in the clear with police? Yikes.

In more upbeat developments, Kurt is now at NYADA after he hijacked the Winter Showcase. While Rachel may have been all settled into her second semester (Does this mean Cassandra July is gone?) as well as settled into a new relationship with Brody (He slept over! NYC Rachel is just going for it on all fronts!), Kurt was struggling. Turns out, NYADA was just like the Mean Girls high school cafeteria, and Rachel wanted him to belong to the right clique -- which included not sitting with the show choir group Adam’s Apples. Too bad, since British cutie Adam himself seemed interested in Kurt. Adam’s Apples performed a ballad-y version of “Baby Got Back,” and Kurt seemed to love it. Kurt also seemed interested in the Tennessee Williams Playreading Club along with Adam himself. By episode's end, it seemed Kurt wasn’t going to be joining Adam’s Apples, but was going to join Adam for a date. Klaine fans are going to be upset, but I think a British boyfriend who seems quite similar to Kurt is exactly what the little fashionista needs right now.

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