Glee recap: It's An Artie-ful Life

Holiday time means Kurt gets a surprise visitor (or two!); Puck returns to help Jake and…Sam and Brittany get married!?
Ep. 10 | Aired Dec 13, 2012

IT'S A WINTER WONDERLAND full of high school drama.

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Brittany and Sam saw Puck’s Parking Lot Duets and decided to raise the show one Mayan Prophecy. In terms of character traits, this was dead on. Clearly those two, who together are a couple tracks short of an EP, would be all about Mayan Doomsday. Their plot had some funny moments -- I particularly liked when Brittany gave Marley a Rolodex -- but it took a weird too-far twist when Sam proposed after “Jingle Bell Rock.” (“Speaking of rocks…”) I realize the two didn’t actually get married, but they thought they did, which seemed more than a little odd to me. But who am I to get caught up in realism? This is Glee!

Speaking of getting caught up in realism, someone finally did and I was happy to see that Marley’s mom realized her daughter had an eating disorder and wanted to get her a therapist. Holiday downside: This meant no Christmas stuff for them this year so that all of their money could go toward getting Marley some help (I guess Emma was out of the question?). As luck and plotting and Christmas miracles would have it, however, there was also a staff Secret Santa and Sue picked Millie Rose, a.k.a Marley’s mom. Sue overheard Marley’s convo with her mom about no Christmas, and it was enough to make even Sue’s heart grow three sizes. She broke into their house (like Santa!) and gave them a tree, presents, and $800 cash.

ASIDE: I don’t want to focus on it, but was anyone else really surprised by how vicious Sue’s comments were about Marley’s mom’s weight? I totally understand that Sue saying outrageous things is part of the game, but I was genuinely shocked by some of what was coming out her mouth – and also how there was a complete lack of reaction from anyone else. Agree? Or am I being Scrooge-y?

Anyway, the comments didn’t seem to bother Millie, who came to thank Sue personally after Becky (bribed by candy) told Millie who left the presents. Millie shared that Marley wanted to thank Sue as well, and that her present was in the auditorium. “Does this involve the Glee club singing in the auditorium with snow falling in an elaborate winter scene? …Yup, ok. This is exactly what I just described.” Sue’s deadpan delivery during that whole exchange had me cracking up. “It shows just how little you know me if you think this is something I would enjoy,” she said as she settled down to watch. But enjoy it she did, as the whole current Glee club – plus Finn, because what the heck else was he doing? – sang “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas,” while Jake, Puck, Sam and Brittany sang the tune at Breadstix, and Kurt and Blaine sang along in NYC. Sadly, no cruise cutaway of Rachel (presumably dazzling this ship with “O Holy Night”). We had to settle for Becky in the wings of the stage, making the snow fall, creating McKinley’s very own winter wonderland.

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