Glee recap: The Wasted Talent

In 'Blame It on the Alcohol,' the glee club goes wild and learns some lessons
Ep. 14 | Aired Feb 22, 2011

DON'T BE A MENACE TO MCKINLEY WHILE DRINKING YOUR JUICE IN THE (NEIGHBOR)HOOD: After a night out with Beiste, Schuester learned the hard way that it's important to store your cell phone away before binge drinking.

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Meanwhile, looking more like a 12-year-old than she ever has, Rachel called up Blaine and asked him on a date. It wasn't a big surprise considering their passionate drunken kiss, but it was a big shock to Kurt, who was angry that Blaine was (as he saw it) going back into the closet by going on a date with a girl. Blaine said he was simply exploring his options. "Isn't this the time when you're supposed to figure everything out?" he asked Kurt.

I was completely on Blaine's side here. It wasn't fair for Kurt to be passing judgment and, for the first time in a while, Kurt was sort of unlikable. This isn't a bad thing. He'd been going through a bit of an untouchable, all-hail Kurt phase, and I was completely pleased to see him act a little polarizing. He's a character; he's allowed to be flawed. It doesn't make me love him less.

Admittedly, he was more flawed in this episode than he has been, especially in that scene with his dad when he kept taking offense to his dad's miscommunicated guidelines for sleepovers. Burt had not been comfortable with Blaine sleeping over because, in his mind, it was like Finn having a girl sleepover at the house. I sort of wish Kurt wasn't so hard on his dad all the time, but I enjoy the very realistic tension that exists between them as father and gay son. It's this sometimes-awkward love that makes them such a joy to watch, though.

In the end, Rachel and Blaine's date went well. (How else would a date that involved seeing "Love Story" in costume go?) But when they had their first sober kiss, it became clear there was no spark. Not that they were all that disappointed: Rachel had her song inspiration and Blaine had the assurance that he was, indeed, gay.

Also, following a terrible drunk dial mix-up, Sue received a bootycall voicemail intended for Emma and played it for the entire school. Luckily, Schue's mortification was eased slightly by the fact that the Glee club pulled off a performance that successfully curbed drinking at the school (probably for a very long time), and that each kid signed a contract promising not to drink until Nationals, which I think a lot of people would also agree to if it meant they got Schue's number.


"Don't You Want Me"
I'm happy (or is that sad?) to report that I love '80s music as much as I love a Rachel Berry power ballad. So the mere idea of this song being covered had me more excited than words can properly express (but dorky dance moves work perfectly). The result met -- if not exceeded -- my expectations. Blaine needs to join New Directions so we can get more duets between him and Rachel. Now. Also, how cute was it to see Mr. Warbler in his civies? A

"Blame it (On the Alcohol)"
I'm not a fan of the original song. And at the risk of sounding like a proponent of underage drinking (I'm not, by the way. I'm actually a giant prude.), this was one of the better R&B performances we've seen from the Glee gang in a while. In this case, I thank the alcohol. A

"One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer"
Will Schuester is about as country as Beiste is a dress-wearing kind of gal, and I was totally prepared to hate this song. In fact, I wasn't a fan of the first few minutes. But by the time the chorus hit, it was clear that Dot Marie Jones and Matthew Morrison had fun recording this song. And because country is 70 percent attitude, it grew on me. By the time Beiste broke out on her mini solo, the song had secured a B.

The huge star of this number was clearly Brittany, who more and more every week proves that she needs to be moved to the forefront of this show's big performances and storylines. It was pure, fun entertainment up until we got to the part straight out of the mind of Gordie LaChance. So even though the purple vomit was a bit too much for this weak viewer, the performance made me add a Ke$ha song to my iTunes, which I never thought would happen. B+

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