Glee recap: Golden Tickets

Rachel wows at the NYADA showcase; Kurt gets one final chance to get into his dream school
Ep. 09 | Aired Dec 6, 2012

IT'S CALLED PULLING A LEA MICHELE You stand still and just belt; people react accordingly. 

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Musical Grades:

“Somethin’ Stupid” (Original by Frank Sinatra): It’s not that I wasn’t charmed by this Sam/Brittany spin on a classic, but I’m also not rushing to listen to it again. While they both have their strengths, these two certainly aren’t the strongest vocalists and without other voices helping them out, it felt a little lacking.   B

All That Jazz (Original by Chicago): It was fun to hear Kate Hudson and Lea Michele sing together, and I was surprised to hear just how well the two blended together when they were switching parts. Performance-wise, this number was a lot of fun – who knew Hudson could move like that?  B

“Being Alive” (Original by Company): Kurt went and sang himself a showstopper of a performance, which happens to be one of my all-time favorite songs (Theater nerds, unite!). I particularly liked the highs and lows, how it swelled during certain phrases and was understated in other parts. Which was, of course, the entire thing that Carmen was trying to see if he could do. But I sure hope gold lame pants aren’t gone for good. A

“Being Good Isn’t Good Enough” (Original by Hallelujah Baby): It’s been awhile since we’ve had a good Lea Michele ballad, and naturally she delivered. While it wasn’t my all-time favorite performance of hers (that honor goes to “Don’t Rain on My Parade") it was definitely up there. And from a show standpoint, it was great to watch as she was bathed in a soft golden light. A-

“O Holy Night”: My favorite performance of the evening. I was predisposed to like it as I listen to it repeatedly during the holidays -- she recorded it for Glee’s first Christmas album -- but it was such a treat to hear it powerfully sung again. A

Don’t Dream It’s Over” (Original by Crowded House): Finn and Marley are walking in a winter wonderland and are slowly joined by everyone else, because they realize their lives are nothing without this club. B+

Top Lines:

“I’m very active on the NYADA blogs.” –Kurt

“I knew Rachel Berry, I was friends with Rachel Berry. And you, Marley, are no Rachel Berry.”  –Tina

Most people didn’t appreciate the Spice Girls until it was too late.” –Brittany spits some hard truths

“As sympathetic as I am to this particular act in the rom-com, Rachel, you’re up!” -Kurt

The Walking Dead isn’t based on a true story. I already checked.” -Sam

What did you all think about Kurt getting into NYADA? Excited for a Sam and Brittany relationship? Concerned that Marley Has An Eating Disorder may never be mentioned again? How much more of Cassandra can Rachel take? Was anyone else pretty shocked regarding Joe’s line about joining an Interfaith Paint Ball League that got to shoot each other? And what are your predictions for Christmas fun next week? I smell mistletoe!

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