Glee recap: Golden Tickets

Rachel wows at the NYADA showcase; Kurt gets one final chance to get into his dream school
Ep. 09 | Aired Dec 6, 2012

IT'S CALLED PULLING A LEA MICHELE You stand still and just belt; people react accordingly. 

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WHAT? Obviously this was totally ridiculous, but it was based around a plotline I kind of believed. Earlier, after submitting an application and audition tape, Kurt had stopped by Carmen’s office (Hey! Being persistent worked for Rachel!) and asked Carmen about the status of his application. She told him she thought he was a talented guy, but it was all surface, no depth. Which meant no NYADA. And – for those that were still wondering why Kurt didn’t get into the school in the first place – that reasoning kind of made sense. Kurt is all about the pizzazz, and that’s not always what they are looking for. Small quibble: Carmen teased us about a video that had Kurt doing an acoustic performance of "Wake Me Up..." by Wham!. Why on Earth did we not get to see that?

But I digress. After a quick powwow with Rachel outside the auditorium, where she shared that her favorite performance of Kurt’s was “I Want To Hold Your Hand,” Kurt decided to sing a song he’d loved since he was six, but only newly understood. And then he really delivered with a stirring, emotional rendition of “Being Alive,” from Company. It worked. Later, Kurt got his very own Hogwarts letter, saving him from an Aunt Petunia fate of desperately wanting to be part of a group that just won’t have him. I know you all are going to freak out about how easy this was, but honestly, it didn’t bother me that much. Carmen gave him some real feedback, and he corrected the issue. I’m much more uncomfortable that no one seemed concerned that Marley is starving herself.

Back at McKinley, things weren’t great. The choir had nowhere else to practice now that Sue had taken over everything, and Finn was feeling down on his luck now that everyone had quit, save for Marley. But then Marley told Finn she had somewhere they could practice, so Finn sent out a mass email to the club because he had recently watched The Breakfast Club or something.

Sadly, only Finn and Marley were waiting around in the McKinley courtyard for the impromptu practice. I got super afraid for a minute they were going to kiss – with Finn vulnerable after a pep-up talk from New Showcase Champ Rachel, he was feeling down about everything and it seemed like the moment he might make a bad decision. But luckily Rachel had also reminded him during their phone chat that Glee is so much more than the competitions (Snark alert: Obviously! They hardly ever practice for them!) and that is what he focused on: the togetherness. So down-in-the-dumps Finn and Marley were hanging out in the falling snow when they began to sing, and then slowly the whole Glee club showed up. They just can’t quit you, fellow Gleek-ers!

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