Glee recap: Golden Tickets

Rachel wows at the NYADA showcase; Kurt gets one final chance to get into his dream school
Ep. 09 | Aired Dec 6, 2012

IT'S CALLED PULLING A LEA MICHELE You stand still and just belt; people react accordingly. 

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Meanwhile in New York it was NYADA Showcase time, a special winter concert where 10 students receive their Hogwarts letter Golden Ticket, a card from Carmen inviting them to perform at the event/competition. Rachel didn’t think she would get selected because she’s only a freshman, but of course she does. Always a bride, that girl. This newfound confidence leads to her standing up for herself in Cassandra’s dance class, which is not in any way based on any kind of reality. Once you accept that fact, you can enjoy Cassandra and Rachel’s dance-off to “All That Jazz” much more easily.

Important fashion side note: Did anyone else notice how much sexier Rachel’s cut-out top and tousled hair were than everyone else’s dance class duds? Anyway, the side of that feud I’m on changes not only episode by episode, but minute by minute. Cassandra should have definitely left Rachel alone when she got a sip of water. Point Rachel. But Rachel was pretty disrespectful to a teacher (“It’s not my fault you don’t understand how good I’ve become!”), especially when dancing is not exactly her strong suit. Point Cassandra. Regardless, I loved Rachel’s ender to that conversation, when she told Cassandra she realized the only way she was going to win the Showcase was by just singing.

At the NYADA Showcase, a gorgeous Rachel Berry (Seriously, fashion side note two: I want that dress for the holidays!) was the picture of calm when Brody came by to wish her luck – excuse me, to break a leg. I feared for a moment he was going to mess with her head, but he encouraged her confidence after she declared, “If you give me a stage, I know in my gut there is no one who can beat me.” And then – because why the heck not? – she gave Brody a kiss. Get it, girl.

No time to freak about the boy drama, however, because right after belting out one showstopper, Rachel turned it around and sang, “O Holy Night,” which, for me, was the real winner of the evening – and I could tell from the tear in Kurt’s eye he was feeling it too. Now is as good a time as any to mention that I love how supportive Kurt is of Rachel. It can’t always be easy, but I love that he’s able to put his own feelings aside and just be happy for his friend. And just a moment later, Rachel got a chance to return the favor, because Carmen announced in front of the entire audience that next up would be Kurt Hummel, if he was ready.

NEXT: Will Kurt’s performance be NYADA-worthy? Plus: More stuff about the no-longer-official Glee club. 

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