Glee recap: Get Back

Rachel gets some big news, Demi Lovato makes her first appearance, and Tina has a no good, horrible prom
Ep. 02 | Aired Oct 3, 2013

PROM WARS A recurring plot on Glee, or a potential new TLC series? 


Musical Grades:

"Get Back": Kurt tells Rachel she’s got to get her mojo back, like, right now, and then the two dive into a piano-heavy rendition of the tune. It’s a fun performance; stay for the dancing on top of multiple pianos! A-

"Something": Sam lets out his feelings for the new cute nurse in this fantasy number. I wasn’t a fan of this arrangement, which wasn’t the best fit for Sam’s vocal range. B-

“Here Comes the Sun”: Another literal interpretation for the Gleetles, but this was an enjoyably sweet and soft ballad-y version of the classic tune that featured nice harmonies by Dani and Santana. She can stick around if we get more duets like this. A-

"Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band": This was simultaneously making me bummed that Glee was covering the Beatles AND happy that they did an homage that allowed for those funky costumes. Plus side: Marley, Unique, Ryder, and Jake looked like they were having a blast. B

“Hey Jude”: Who doesn’t love this song? No one. Who doesn’t want to sing along to the nah-nahs? No one. A

“Let It Be”: A final number in the auditorium usually resonates well, and this was no exception. A-

Excited to see Rachel tackle Broadway? What do you think of the additions of Demi Lovato and Phoebe Strole? Does Tina have your sympathies? Was it weird that last week's two biggest plots (Klaine's engagement and Artie and Kitty's new relationship) were hardly mentioned? Based on the “scenes from next week” teaser, on a scale of one to a giant nope, how ready are you for the Cory Monteith tribute episode?

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