Glee recap: Get Back

Rachel gets some big news, Demi Lovato makes her first appearance, and Tina has a no good, horrible prom
Ep. 02 | Aired Oct 3, 2013

PROM WARS A recurring plot on Glee, or a potential new TLC series? 


On Glee’s Random Idea of the Week list: vaccines! New principal Sue decided all the McKinley High crew must get polio vaccines because the kids rarely show up to school and who knows what they go off and do. (Joe and Sugar didn't appear in this episode, and Glee was really hitting the meta jokes hard this week.) This doctor fever dream allowed Glee to introduce new nurse-to-be college student Penny (Spring Awakening alum Phoebe Strole), on whom Sam immediately has a crush. I’m excited for this out-of-nowhere relationship solely because I’m a big fan of Strole’s. (In addition to her great work on Broadway, she also guest starred as a pregnant teen on an episode of 30 Rock and was hilarious and wonderful in the seriously underrated film Hamlet 2, which you all should definitely check out next time you want to watch a new movie. But I digress.) Their relationship didn’t really go beyond a dance at prom, but hopefully we’ll see more of them in the future.

Let’s talk about after prom, shall we? Once Tina got all Carrie-d out (in a truly hideous dress, I might add), the Glee kids gather in the choir room to support her. And of course by support her, I mean Blaine looked for an opportunity to sing a song. Tina is nothing to them but a vessel to accomplish whatever they want in any given moment. “I’m not that girl!” Tina declared, obviously hearing Wicked in her head. “You want to be that girl? Go be that girl,” Blaine shot back as he sat down at the piano and began to sing “Hey Jude,” a number that didn't have anything to do with Tina's plight but IS a great song so....approved. The number concluded with all of them walking into the gym together, because bullying is bad and underdogs always get the final say, or something.

Speaking of underdogs that aren't: In the biggest bombshell of the episode, Rachel will be Fanny on Broadway! The producer broke the news to her at the diner, right after she got done deciding she’s never going to give up on her dream. The best exchange of the episode came when Kurt declared, “I need some seed money to start my Madonna cover band” and Rachel followed that up by gushing, “This is so great, I feel like I’m on Smash season 1.” The friends agreed they all aren't going to give up on themselves, no matter how hard things are right now; they're all going to support each other and things will eventually be great. And by eventually, I mean two minutes from now.

Thought bubble: Rachel’s hilarious Smash joke has me wondering: Is Rachel turning into a more talented Karen Cartwright? Are the NYC parts of season 5 of Glee just going to rehash the best parts of dearly departed Smash? Kurt is Tom; Santana is Ivy….you guys! I would watch this show. We’re already straining believability; just cast Kurt and Santana on Broadway as well. See you at the Tonys for a showdown!

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