Glee recap: Sweet Dreams Are Made of This

Rachel auditions for her dream role, while Finn discovers the pleasures of college
Ep. 19 | Aired Apr 18, 2013

HOLD ON TO THAT FEELING Rachel earns herself a callback for Fanny Brice thanks to an overactive imagination.

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Roz fears that Cheerio co-captains Becky and Blaine put a spell on Sue, causing her to bring that gun to school. “You used your handsome fruity voodoo powers and put a hex on her,” she tells Blaine. To protect herself, she calls for a blood oath and loyalty pledge (thankfully minus the blood oath as that is unsanitary). Becky looks shifty and nearly slips up, telling Roz who really brought that gun to school, but ultimately manages to keep it together. Blaine, however, seems to notice something’s off…

Schu is basking in the spotlight -- literally -- when Finn arrives at McKinley to make his own amends. “You were right,” he tells Schu. Finn’s getting college credit for his time spent at McKinley and now he wants to come back to teach -- as Schu’s equal. “Let’s just move past this,” Schu answers, pulling Finn in for a hug. Of course, the New Directions are thrilled to have Finn back. Now that all’s right with the world, Schu’s ready to let Marley teach the gang an original.

Meanwhile, Rachel’s still checking her phone, desperate to get a callback. Kurt, the best roommate ever, is busy baking her cookies and just generally distracting her by getting her to tell him about her mother’s business. She can’t focus, though. “Do you regret not doing Barbra for the audition?” Kurt asks. No, she doesn’t. Whatever happens, she’s proud to have been original. Of course, this is the exact moment her phone rings. After lots of um-hmming (and watching Kurt stress eat a cookie in the background), our girl is… IN! The two bounce about their apartment, earning them the second sweetest moment of the night. (And maybe a couple more tears from me. I’ll never tell.)

Musical Grades:

Next to Me (Original by Emeli Sande): A mom and daughter duet! Who can resist the fabulous Idina Menzel? Also, much appreciated that Rachel moved next to Shelby when they hit the chorus. Next to me! Get it? B+

Fight for Your Right (To Party) (Original by The Beastie Boys): I wasn’t expecting to like this song, but it was, in the words of Puck, “awesome.” After the tension of last week’s episode (and watching Rachel fret about her audition this week), it was nice to have just a fun, irreverent aside. A-

You Have More Friends Than You Know (Original by Mervyn Warren and Jeff Marx, portrayed as written by Marley on the show): Sweet, but a little drowsy. I mean, it’s not like these people don’t have friends. They have each other! (Aww.) Personally I would’ve preferred to hear the song about the fat mom. That’s creativity right there. B-

Don’t Stop Believin’ (Original by Journey): Lea Michele looked kind of pained at the start of this, didn’t she? I was fully prepared to downgrade this number (and I still don’t think it compares to the show’s original take on Journey’s hit), but there was something touching when Rachel was joined by her imaginary backup. Who can resist a reunion? B+

Outcast (Glee original): Better than “You Have More Friends Than You Know,” but just another variation on the “nobody likes/gets us” theme. Seriously, I want to hear that fat mom song. B

Top Lines:

“Taking? You mean, like, classes?” --Puck

“Honey please. I’m a child of the ghetto. I can’t sleep at night unless I hear at least two gunshots.” --Roz

“You might need some woman parts to help you sell that.” --Unique

“We’re Facebook friends, Rachel. You started posting as Barbra.” --Shelby

“I’ll grab the iron and make us some grilled cheeses.” --Puck

“She constantly mumbled to herself and she stuffed used Kleenex up her sleeve.” --Schu

So what’s in store for next week? Will Sam overcome his split personality? (Though I have to admit, I’m kind of loving Evan.) Will Becky finally cave and reveal the truth? (Missed you tonight, Sue!) Will Puck enroll in college? (And continue engaging in foursomes?) Give me your thoughts on tonight’s episode below!

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