Glee recap: Shooting Star

Gunshots at McKinley terrify the school -- and you won't believe who brought the gun
Ep. 18 | Aired Apr 11, 2013

ONE PURR-FECT FAMILY Sam has found a Lady for Lord Tubbington.

Adam Rose/Fox

Top Lines:

"Shut up, Tina." –Brittany

"Hide your wife, hide your kids, hide your wife." –Brittany

"I’m really surprised that Jesus Christ Superstar chose to end the world this way, as opposed to the way he chose to kill off the dinosaurs, which was a global yeast infection." –Brittany

"Does that mean you can have angel sex?" –Sam with the deep questions!

"Guys, start tweeting, texting but don’t say where we are. Shooter have smartphones too."

"Thinking about me and you dating makes me dryer than the cast of Hot in Cleveland." –Kitty denies Catfishing Ryder

What did you think of Glee’s decision to do a “school shooting” episode? Did you like how things turned out? What did you think of Sue’s choice to cover for Becky, even though it meant losing her job? Is there any way Jane Lynch can return to the show, or is she done?

Speaking of people not on the show, did you all miss the NYC crew this week? On a lighter note, who here wishes they could arrange a play date with Lady and Lord Tubbington (Paging Downton Abbey: Cat Edition!)

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