Glee recap: Shooting Star

Gunshots at McKinley terrify the school -- and you won't believe who brought the gun
Ep. 18 | Aired Apr 11, 2013

ONE PURR-FECT FAMILY Sam has found a Lady for Lord Tubbington.

Adam Rose/Fox

Other Thoughts:

-After trying to figure out who from the Glee club Catfished him (It’s Unique, the only girl he didn’t consider, right?) Ryder attempts one last-ditch effort and tries to arrange a 3:30 meet up outside the choir room,which “Katie” agrees to. But she doesn’t show and Ryder – realizing he’s been stood up – joins the rest of the Glee club in the auditorium. Gone but not forgotten? Will someone eventually confess?

-Speaking of confessions, Sam announces to Brittany he knows he could be more supportive of Lord Tubbington, so he buys them another fat cat, Lady Tubbington. Are Sam and Brittany growing on you, too?

-Without being invited to do so, Will sets up an online dating profile for Shannon, and it turns out, he knows her pretty well. She gets a message rather quickly, but it turns out to be from Ken Tanaka, McKinley's former football coach and onetime Emma Pillsbury fiancé. It turns out that there actually aren't that many fish in the sea.

Musical Grades:

Your Song (Original by Elton John): Hey there, cute blonde girl! Ryder has got a surprise for you and it’s not creepy! He’s just going to pull you into an abandoned room and serenade you a bit. Romance! B+

More Than Words (Original by Extreme):  A silly and sweet candlelit ode to Lord Tubbington, with most of the Glee club regulars participating. Important Shallow Side Note: How great did Sam look during this song/the episode? Is it the longer hair?  Keep doing what you’re doing! B

Say (Original by John Mayer): The closing auditorium number. They kids are all understandably shaken up, so this secret choir practice -- that involved them all just sitting around being there for each other -- made perfect sense. Bonus points for Sam on guitar. B+

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