Glee recap: One Hundred

The oldest New Directions return to Lima and pair off to revisit some fan favorite performances in Glee's 100th episode.
Ep. 12 | Aired Mar 18, 2014

RAISE YOUR GLASS Here's to the 100th episode of Glee, that definitely feels like it's already happened at least once -- but it hasn't! So, put on your nostalgia pants, it's time to celebrate.


In one other bit of uncomfortable storyline, Will and April have been trying to use April’s various adultery payoffs to buy the auditorium and keep the Glee Club going, but Sue finds out her finances aren’t so stable, in addition to Will running the two million she previously donated into the ground with elaborate Katy Perry sets. I don't enjoy watching how all April tries to do is help, but she’s pretty consistently shamed for her attempts. But at least her attempt to make it up to Will ("giving [him] hope," that is) results in bringing back your favorite fun aunt, Holly Holiday, for whom she’s freshly buttered the floor.

I cannot say enough about how many times Gwyneth Paltrow’s accent fluctuates from valley, to urban, to country, to just not saying her ‘t’s altogether; go ahead and tack onto that an inability to focus on anything else but how much she looked like Chris Martin when she was dressed up as William Henry Harrison, and I was thoroughly overwhelmed. Maybe that’s why I couldn't quite get into “Happy.” It was fun, because that song has fun built into it, but it didn’t reach the necessary funk, once captured in “Forget You.” And it didn’t stick to the theme, but I guess substitutes don’t have to follow rules. B

The episode ends with a thorough revisiting of past relationships. For Brittany, it’s kissing Santana and telling her she’s sure now more than ever that they belong together. For Puck, it’s telling Quinn that she’s his soul mate and he wants her to tell him to stay. Santana still seems to be up in the air, but Quinn catches up to Puck in the hall to requite his love (McKinley breeds high school soul mates almost as well as it does meteoric rises to fame). And for the whole Glee Club, and Will, it’s time to say goodbye to the experience they all shared together, the experience that made them family. April and Holly look on from the rafters, moved and buzzed on Tervis Tumbler wine, and decide they have to save that Glee Club. Looking back, I have to wonder just how many times that phrase has been uttered in this show’s 100-episode span.

It’s still not quite time to move on to New York because, apparently, this 100th episode reunion will span to a 101st episode reunion. Tune in next week for more fan-voted remixes. Judging by tonight's plot, I’m assuming Tina and Mike will revisit their epic love affair, and the writers might spare Marley a line or two. Any educated guesses on what to expect? Perhaps these Best Lines will get your wheels turning:

- "You’re currently rehearsing for the lead role in a Broadway musical; you’re also working full-time as a singing waitress at a diner, and enrolled full-time as a student at NYADA. Would you agree that it’s slightly irresponsible to leave New York for an entire week for no other reason than the Glee Club’s been canceled.” - Brittany, keeping it way real, as always, on Fondue for Two
- Reasonable followup by Rachel: "Are your cats making out???" (They were.)
- “Apparently the only song we can sing in a Diva-Off is ‘Defying Gravity’” - Will throwing shade at his own lesson plan
- “If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times, the one thing this country needs more of is teen marriage.” - April Rhodes, everyone.
- "I have here a line item budget of the jungle set you constructed on stage a few weeks back so the Glee Club could perform a Katy Perry song for literally just you." - Sue Sylvester, destroying Glee dreams, making me laugh.
- “This is crazy because I could really give two poops about this place, but this is really getting to me.” It's a commonly shared emotion of confusion around these parts, Santana.

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